Comodo blocking it's own scripts and also keeps coming up At Risk

It appears Comodo is blocking it’s own scripts and also keeps coming up At Risk,
When you click on At Risk to fix the problem it says Secure - 2 mins later At Risk again
I have completely uninstalled CIS, downloaded a new version of the installer from your site after deleting the old one and ensuring it is gone, rebooted,
re-installed and this problem still occurs - it’s driving me up the wall. In addition I believe CIS running on my other computer is incorrectly identifying two game archives from Gamers Gate as virii.

… One job.

Could you show the log entries for those scripts?

You can add the two game archives to the AV exclusions to not be bothered again. Or change their rating in File List to Trusted.

I’ll wait until Comodo next updates as that is when the scripts get reported and as a temp measure I deleted them as I was finding it very annoying.
As for the two games in question I have submitted files for checking but have never had a response on them and Comodo keeps reporting them as infected, I doubt that they are but I would like Comodo to tell me that they are not, not force the issue and have any lingering doubt.
But this still does not explain the secure/insecure problem it keeps changing for no apparent reason.

I am wondering if you have been seeing the Script Analysis at work. When CIS encounters a script file it will be converted as part of the script analysis.

It’s possible, I also noted 4 files 2 of which seem to be clones on my other PC the 1st one has in it…

these are named along the lines of C_Cmd.exe_4A4F8A…

rmdir /s /q C:\Users<username>\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\19.070.0410.0007\amd64

the other

del /q C:\Users<username>AppData\Microsoft\OneDrive\Update\OneDriveSetup.exe

Obviously these are not Comodo scripts but I believe they may have been leftover from an update to 1903 - what I don’t know is if they were run or not.

The Comodo scripts that were on my AMD machine were eerily similar but appeared to have comodo related connotations in their names.

It looks like scripts that were used to remove OneDrive. You can check if the directories still exist. If they no longer exist the scripts did their work.

They didn’t Comodo had blocked them, I just checked and they still exist contents intact.

Can you check the CIS logs to see if the scripts are being logged. They may show up in HIPS or Containment logs.

Could you report the game archives in Comodo Forum ?