Comodo blocking internet connection

I’ve noticed that recently sometimes when I start my computer I am unable to connect to the internet. I am able to solve this problem by disabling the firewall component of CIS and renewing my IP address.

The internet then works fine, even after I re-enable the firewall. This does not happen every time that I start my computer, only sometimes.

I believe that this might be somehow related to the recent changes that I made to the Global Rules so that certain events would not be logged. I have attached a screen-shot of my rules and also a pic of the setup of one of these rules.

Please let me know what other information is needed.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have not experienced this since upgrading to Windows 7. I may have had a bad installation of XP that was causing the problems.

Moved. It may be the block for port 67-68. They are for the Bootstrap protocol that facilitates that your computer will get an IP address handed out.