Comodo blocking Intel scan?

Win 7 64 Bit
Comodo 6.3
Firefox 25

What part of Comodo, if any, would be blocking the above? It will not run and I am trying to find out why

Hi david banner,

This can occur in situations where the application is unknown and CIS automatically runs it into sandbox. I have whitelisted the application and with next updates of antivirus database issue should be solved. If such situations appear in the future, you can check the untrusted files list in CIS and verify if the application is unknown. If that’s the case, you can submit it to be whitelisted using this topic: .

Thanks and regards,

Hi Ionel

I do not see untrusted files. I see unrecognised files but it is empty? I only have the firewall

Is there any quick way to see what is sandboxed as with v5?

Maybe it is something else - IntelUpdate worked on my win 7 64 bit. Thanks for the reply

Can you post screenshots of the D+ and Firewall logs of around the time you’re running the program?