COMODO blocking incomming LAN connections

Hey guys,

 Something rather interesting has come up. I have just done a clean wipe of my main machine and installed WinXPx64 on it. After installing VGA/sound/etc drivers, I went ahead and installed COMODO CIS and other COMMODO applications. I then updated Windows with every available update. I then plugged in my external HD and set the directories I wanted to share to "share". I then ran the network wizard to allow file sharing. 

 I then boot my laptop running Vista Home Premium x86 and attempt to view a file from one of the for-mentioned directories. This is the message I recieve:

“not enough server storage is available to process this command”

After doing some administrative rechecking, I decided to google the problem. Now the main “fix” I see has to do with setting the values of your IRPStackSize binary to 50 (on the server machine (in this case, my WinXP x64 machine)). This did not work. Then there was a “fix” that explained how to change the values of some of the memory reg keys to maximize the allowed memory usage. This, as well, did not work

What I noticed, as a trend, was the mention of anti-virus software being uninstalled to “initially solve the problem”. So I uninstalled COMODO CIS and bam, I was able to rummage through all the shared directories. This is now a problem directly linked to COMODO and I believe it’s somehow set to deny incoming requests into the machine, yet allow all outgoing to the same denied machines.

I then reinstall COMODO and attempt to access the shared directories. Again, I am denied. But something struck me as weird. The default “Shared Files” folder was fully accessible, I could view the default pictures the OS gives you upon installation. But the manually shared directories are still not accessible.

Does anybody have an idea of where I should go from here? At this time I believe it to be between the way WinXP x64 is “sharing” the files and the way COMODO is acting with the network.

I should also add that, before the x64 installation, this machine was running on an x86 version. While the x86 version of the OS was installed, all of the same directories were shared just fine. I wonder if this is also a problem related to architecture conversation.

I also found this interesting:

“x64 edition of windows xp has the codebase of the windows 2003 server platform and not the windows xp client platform”

This sounds of a possible relation as well.

Hi misc,

Could be a bug, i have seen these issues on a few w2k3 systems also that it doesn’t alert for incoming traffic.
It could also be that the Attack detections, Drop fragmented packets is interfering here, how ever i doubt that it would appear on the local LAN.