Comodo blocking harmless files

Hello everyone, I hope I am posting this at the right spot. Yesterday I edited a video with Magix VideoDeLuxe 15 special edition, like I have been doing for the past year, more or less, and wanted to insert a 3D text (Xara 3D) which always worked with no problems. All of a sudden, a Comodo message popped up saying that this was malware, and then blocked it.

Now I cannot use the 3D texts any longer. De- and reinstalling both Video deLuxe AND Comodo didn’t help. This is annoying. Is there any way to unblock the .x3d files?

I am attaching a screenshot of the message that pops up when I try to use the 3D text function. It is in German and says that the format of the default.x3d cannot be read, that maybe the drive is full or protected (which it isn’t because I checked that first), or maybe because I do not have admin rights (which I have).

Please HELP!!!

Thank you!

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