Comodo blocking Ethernet connections but not Wifi connection

I’ve been using Comodo for awhile, never had connection issues until this morning. I was able to connect to the net but extremely slow. I thought it was my fios/cat5 cables. I rebooted my router, used a different cat5. nothing worked. i was able to go online with comodo on and wifi connection via my router. just not thru Ethernet connection with comodo on. I’ve to uninstall comodo to go online via Ethernet connection. does anyone know why?

Check the details / name of your Trusted Networks first

After various testing, I’ve had mine be unchecked or name changed before!

I checked the manage network, neither trust network or block network were checked. So I checked trust network and OK. Still have the same problem.

Do you have the Global Rules in place and in order?

I double checked that as well. Also re-installed everything didn’t make any change after the installation. Still have the same problem. I’m not sure what’s causing it. used to work like charm. until recently or after the recent windows update. (not sure if that was the cause of it). however, I also uninstalled the updates… didn’t fix. but then again, if wifi works and Ethernet not working, so the windows update shouldn’t be the cause of it.

Check the Adapter properties for correct settings . . . with the Firewall driver

If that’s Ok, then I’d start to think hardware; Network card?

wifi 96down/83up
ethernet with comodo 0.02down/xxxx
ethernet with COMODO IS firewall driver uninstalled 900down/900up

so something is wrong with the firewall driver of Comodo?
I didn’t change any setting, its by default.

Flow Control: Rx & Tx Enabled
Jumbo Packet : Disabled
Legacy : Disabled
Packet Priority & VLAN : Packet Priority & VLAN Enabled
Protocol ARP Offload : Enabled
Protocol NS Offload: Enabled
Speed & Duplex: auti
System Idle Power Saver: Disabled
Wake On MP: Enabled
Wake on PM: Enabled

Don’t think anything has changed with that at all. Been using CIS for years and never had a problem like that

What OS and Build?

CIS Version & Configuration?

I’ve been using it for years as well, never had any issues until recently.

Comodo Internet Security Free version, configuration by default. 6100_08

windows 10 Pro N
OS Build: 16299.64


It’s the free version of comodo IS for personal use. I believe it’s version 10. Downloaded it from the main page.


It’s an odd problem. Just thinking out loud and will be shooting questions at ya.

Does your computer run for days without a reboot? What happens when you reinstall CIS? Does the same problem occur again? Does updating the driver of the Ethernet adapter make a difference?

Can you provide msinfo32 report by going to start type msinfo32.exe, press enter, then when window opens, go to file menu and select export and attach. It sounds like jumbo packet issue but you state it is disabled.

Yes. It’s odd. Did nothing new to the cis. I did a windows update on that night then rebooted. The next morning I turned on, that’s when the problem occurred. I did reinstall many times same issue.

Ok will do as soon as I get a chance to the pc.

I would try removing the Adapter from Device Manager, then reboot and let Windows put it back in; just to take any possibility of the Adapter driver etc. out of the problem

thanks!! Did the uninstall nic driver and reinstall, and it worked. Not sure what caused it from the nic driver but it’s finally working! Thank you guys for all the suggestions and tips!

Just one of those Windows ‘mysteries’, caused by who knows what and affected by who knows what! . . . but glad it’s working now :slight_smile: