Comodo blocking Boinc


I am trying to get Boinc to run but it hangs at “connecting to localhost”. From my understanding I need to allow the BOINC core client, and the BOINC manager executables to use TCP connections on localhost.

On the Boinc ( wiki it says

Therefore, in a ‘software’ firewall running on the same computer as BOINC, there must be a rule that permits this conversation between boincmanager.exe and boinc.exe (usually just allowing boinc.exe to listen on port 31416).

Commonly, this is achieved by having a general ‘loopback’ rule that permits any application to speak with another application running on the same computer. A typical firewall implementation rule would look something like this **:

Rulename: Loopback
Protocol type: ALL
Direction: BOTH
Local IP address: (this address may be labelled as ‘localhost’)
Local Port: ANY
Remote IP address: (‘localhost’)
Remote Port: ANY
Application: Allow ANY
Permission: Allow ALWAYS

Can anyone please help me understand how to do this in Comodo please? Thanks! O0

Make a firewall network zone called loopback for ip, mask (with proper CIS custom settings, high enough, it should allready exist).

When using your application and prompted by the firewall, write a IP (TCP/UDP IN/OUT should be enough) rule allowing everything as long as source and destination are the zone “loopback”.

Alternatively, create the same rule for your executables saying the same thing.

Comodo Sandbox automatically sandboxes processes that BOINC creates whenever you join a project (via automatic downloading). Therefore, they have problems functioning correctly, and BOINC Manager lists errors.

Is there a way to prevent that without disabling the sandbox? Or at least path whitelists instead of just excluding everything that currently exists in a folder…

Does moving Boinc related executables from My Pending Files to My Own Safe Files work? Make sure to reboot afterwards.

See my post here: