COMODO blocking activity of an already Safe/Trusted file!

So, I finished playthrough 1 of Borderlands in Steam.

Time to play the first DLC. Must input my CD-KEY.

Hold on, Borderlands crashes when I try to access the first DLC…why?

Oh, COMODO is blocking the Shell Injection Code of Borderlands.exe. Its flags is “Shell Code Injection

So I add Borderlands to Comodo’s “Trusted Files”. And I try again.

It still blocks it. “Shell Code Injection”.

You know, COMODO is really a neat firewall, but for THE SAKE OF HUMANITY, a trusted file is a TRUSTED FILE IS A TRUSTED FILE!!! STOP BLOCKING IT!

…i need help guys.

PS: COMODO is also doing this to Malaware Bytes. Its a trusted file that isn’t trusted enough to be given full access.

You need to add Borderlands.exe to the Exclusions of shellcode injections.

Making a program Trusted allows the program to do a lot. But it does not disable shellcode injection detections. Nor does it allow the program to start other programs. Making a program Trusted does not “cure” everything.

Moving to D+ help board.

That’s funny…they are already in the Exclusions list.

So why da HECK did it still block the darn thing???

Am playing Borderlands DLC#1 (Island of Dr. Ned) as of now. I had to disable COMODO and run Borderlands (through Steam), and go to Jakob’s Cove. Once there, I pressed alt+tab and reactivated COMODO.

When I play DLC #2 (enter CD-Key and all that jazz again), and it still blocks the darn thing…its going to be like, “ARG MAN”…-_-

Try giving Borderland.exe the Installer/Updater policy and see if that helps out here. Make sure when you made the rule to move it to a place somewhere above the All Application rules in Defense + Rules.

When that does not help please post a screenshot of the D+ logs. They are in View Defense + Events.

Gosh, uh…I uh…

How do you do those things? I’d like to do them but…

Sorry, am just a gamer. The only time I was ever knowledgeable about the intricacies of software was way back during the MS-DOS days.

Here is the drill.

Go to:

  • Defense + → Computer Security Policy → Defense + Rules
  • Choose Add → Select → Browse
  • Look up and select the Borderland.exe file → Apply

Now look at the list of Defense + Rules and find Borderland.exe. It is somewhere underneath a rule called “All Applications”. Move the rule for Borderland.exe (drag and drop it) to a place somewhere above the All Applications Rule.

Now select the rule for Borderland.exe → Eidt → Use a Predefined Policy → choose Installer/Updater → Apply --Ok. Now we are back in the main screen.

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