comodo blocking a website, How can I lift this block?

Hello all, since installing updates for Comodo, I found that after going to a specific website, I recived the following message:

This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):

Prohibited Content: Site may contain content that is prohibited on this network

I how been using this site for years and know it to be safe, can anyone help lift this block please?

Hi and welcome mik77,
You may have unintentionally allowed Comodo Secure DNS during the update.
To remove Comodo Secure DNS select ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ in the final step of the instructions in the link below.
Windows XP - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS
Windows 7 / Vista - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS Service

Also if you believe the site is safe, you could report it in the link below in the hope that it will be unblocked in the future.
Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here

Thank you.