Comodo blocked an incoming IP ??? Currently Under attack !!!!

Hi guys just was Looking at Comodo and have this alarm
that my router got hacked ?? idk this Router used to have Open ports by it self in the past
i have no ports open and all Inbound Traffic is Denied / no UPnP / no Remote admin

my Comodo report :
UDP source 17324 Dest My Local ip 52013

So what the Heck is that is this a Router Bypass or just a bug in comodo that killed an IP by mistake ?

Action i Took :
1- Reset the Router + Good Password

something i noticed :
Really strange traffic at times and a very slow connection

Now comodo Blocking IP in Bulk 85 intrusion and counting
targeted app Win OS > protocol ICMP > Destination Port Code(3)/Code(10)/Code(13)

and the weird thing i turned off the computer the router Kept sending traffic to it which is weird also
even After rebooting Router :???
sometime the traffic starts even before the Internet connection with the ISP start

My computer internal Lan ip changed to instead of .1.2 which mean there is an attack happening

what should i do ???

BTW Resetting router Did nothing except getting me Back to
GRC scan All green