Comodo blocked all

Hi all, I’m new to posting on the forum but have been lurking for a while. I started using Comodo Firewall 3 months ago and so far has been smooth sailing.

Then tonight the Comodo main screen popped up and I saw the Security Level slider was at Block All, and my internet connection stopped. I looked at my log and saw some medium threats, and the front page shows “The firewall has logged 0 high severity events”. After a few minutes I moved the slider back to custom and haven’t had any more trouble (this happened five hours ago).

Has anyone had this happen to them? Would Comodo detect a threat and block internet traffic, but not report it as high severity?

Sys info: HP, XP Home, SP2, IE6, FF, resident malware protection from Avast Free, Sbybot S&D SD Helper and TeaTimer. SpywareBlaster is loaded, and Comodo fw vs.

Thanks for any input!

Hi, Jahn, and welcome to the forums!

I have not experienced that, but I experienced the opposite. All of a sudden it was set to “Allow All.” I posted about that, and was told that apparently with some inadvertent “super-clicking” we can accidentally move the slider/reset the level; especially if we’re near the icon in the systray. Which I guess is because you can adjust the security level from the rt-click menu on the icon.

It only happened that one time; I’ve tried to be careful regarding my clicking habits since then… :wink:

Given CPF’s operations, I don’t think it would block traffic and not create a log entry, unless you had logging turned off, which you obviously don’t.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for the welcome and reply LM. Your theory actually makes a lot of sense as I frequently right click the icons in the sys tray. I guess I need to slow down or become more proficient with a mouse! LOL But then, it did only happen once in three months.

Thanks again!

Hey Jahn,

Another thing to be wary of in the CPF GUI - if you right click the system tray icon and open CPF, the slider that determines the security level automatically has the focus. If you haven’t yet clicked inside the CPF window and you move the mouse wheel when the pointer is ANYWHERE inside the CPF window, the slider will move up or down accordingly. This only happens until you click somewhere, anywhere inside the GUI window.

How obscure is that?

How sad is it that I remember it. :wink:

Cheers and welcome the the forums.
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome and the tip Ewen. I had to chuckle over your comments re: how obscure and how sad. It sounds like Comodo is embedded in your brain - lol.

It is nice meeting you, and I’ll be seeing you on the boards!