Comodo Block VMWARE Virtual Machines - no ping with the Host

Hi, I’ve been using vmware and comodo for a long time. I use Windows 7 x64 Pro. (and W10Pro)

lately I wanted to use one VM of Debian for hosting/testing some local website etc.

but for some reason, I could not access the VM website address ( nor with putty (SSH)

I searched for hours, and only when I uninstall Comodo does the VM can communicate with the Host.

weirdly, when I have comodo installed, all the VM can communicate between themselves;
Even another VM with Windows with another comodo installed could communicate with the Debian VM (website and SSH working)

but not the Host to VM. I try to ping the VM, but the host cannot ping the VMs, and the VMs cannot ping the Host; that’s crazy.

and of course Comodo doesn’t detect anything…

and it’s a Vanilla system, I just re-installed it. also all VM are connected in Bridged mode

Any idea ?

See this bug. But that only applies to Comodo versions before, with 6476 the bug has gotten worse in that all communication between guest and host via bridge networking are blocked. Also that linked bug was found to affect using a wireless network adapter, while using a wired NIC there was no issue. However one mod did still have the same issue even with a wired NIC.

I’m not sure how that help, the person didn’t find a solution. (does that mean comodo dev are working on it ? )

also, if I disable the firewall, the problem is still there, only when I uninstall Comodo then the problem goes away.

I have Comodo

The solution was to add Windows Operating System to the application rules and treat it as outgoing only. But as I said 6476 the bug is worse that all network connections between guest and host are fully blocked instead of just TCP connections. You will have to wait the next release where it should work again.

thanks !