Comodo block MSN Live Messenger!!!!


My computer installed the AOL Virus Shield and later I search the internet find a free firewall for home use, I finded Comodo, but after installed it, and open the MSN Live Messenger, my MSN will auto offline oftenly, after uninstall Comodo then come general again.

What is the problems of Comodo firewall with MSN Live Messenger?

Thank for your time.

MSN Live Messenger works just fine here with Comodo Firewall.

Does the logs in Comodo say anything?

Also check the Application Monitor, maybe your msnmsgr.exe is blocked

I know of several users who use MSN messenger and CPF and they have no problems (they all use CAVS) . Perhaps it is something to do with the AOL virus shield. It may be worth your trying ticking the ‘skip advanced security checks’ box for AOL virus shield in the application monitor section on CPF.

Click on Security, then Application Monitor then right click the entry for AOL virus shield, go to miscellaneous tab and tick the box for skip advanced security checks. It is worth a try!