Comodo block bridge connection between my host machine & vmware hosts


Since the last update of comodo firewall, my host machine stop seen all my vmware hosts in bridge mode.

it work very well if i put the vm host on nat. also if i disable comodo internet security firewall driver from my network card the bridge mode works well.

i tried to reinstall comodo to get default settings but i get the same issue.

Hi Huolsam,
Please export and share CIS configuration and also Comodo firewall logs and team will have a look.
Also, we suggest you to try latest Beta v6504 if you can. There are some fixes in firewall driver side.


Thanks umesh, Here is my config & logs.

okay i will try the beta version & give u my feedback.

Ok thanks, team will check.

Fixed after update to the Beta v6504 ;D ;D