Comodo 'Block All Mode' does not

Occasionally I use the ‘Block All Mode’ and I have noticed that even with the security level set to ‘Block All Mode’ my browser still connects to the internet. Rebooting several times changed nothing.

How do I set the firewall to actually do what it says it is doing? or does it not really mean what it says.

Latest available update installed.

For me it is blocking.
Although in the Summary it says that i have some connections, there is no traffic

First I had to uninstall the virus portion because is went crazy with its false positives. Despite forum assurances to others that it would be fixed it was still giving false positives to the day I removed it and installed another program.

Now, no one knows anything about this problem, clean reinstall on Vista did nothing.

Hopefully, the developers will get their act together soon with both the firewall and the antivirus. To bad, it could have been a good program for me.

I set the firewall to “Block All” last night, and started an anti-virus scan, I do not use Comodo Anti-virus,
I got up this morning and had a Firefox notification. Seems while The Great Comodo Firewall was in Block All
mode, it let Mozilla through to update. What am I missing here? Maybe it should read “Block Some” or “Block Most”.

Block works fine for me even CIS cannot update with it enabled.

Maybe mozilla downloaded the update before setting the fire wall to “block all”
It’s normal for firefox to install the update on the next run.
It did for me, and no internet connection was active.

“Maybe mozilla downloaded the update before setting the fire wall to “block all””

That makes sense, the problem with that is that the computer was never rebooted. I will allow Comodo
a reprieve until I have all the facts.

Come on Folks, it has been seven days is no one actually going to answer the original question, 'How to get “Block All” to actually block all on Vista? With ‘Block All’ set, Firefox still goes about its work at will! The network icon shows activity, Programs update, etc.

What do I have to do, unplug the connection each time I want to totally disconnect? Maybe I misunderstood just what Comodo’s ‘Block All’ meant under its firewall settings!

Not with me
When set to block all, it blocks everything, 0 kbs (In Vista 32)

With genius answers like this, I will assume that this feature cannot be made to work properly for everyone and continue my hunt for a fully functioning firewall.