Comodo-Bitdefender Clashing

Earlier this year, I decided to experiment with Comodo’s various product for my own personal evaluation and ease of system setup/integrations. Upon earlier readings, I first decided to just work with Comodo’s Firewall (CW)…and use Bitdefender’s Anti-Virus as a side-by-side addition to my system/network. I soon discovered that Bitdefender didn’t want to fully install on my system as it requested I remove Comodo products before continuing the installation.

Can anyone provide me with answers to this issue ? Could it be the HIPS service (which I didnt get a HIPS warning at the time of the BitDef install)…?

When the warning is from BD and asking to remove Comodo products there usually is an incompatibility. It’s a generic message which is very likely not caused by the HIPS alert.

I never worked with BD AV and CF but may be others could shine a light here.