Comodo beta 3, VISTA impressions thread.


As the beta is about to be released its imperative to get some feedback. Hopefully some people will take their time and post some constructive positive/negative feedback in order to help the comodo users.

Everything from the friendliness of the user interface to vista performance and flaws is of interest, furthermore if you feel it is safe to install the beta as a computer novice under vista do state your oppinion about it.


Hello, it’s running light here. I’m impressed with V3.

Has it been realeased? I haven’t seen any information about it

that’s enough proof for me that Comodo’s motto is TRUE: ‘Creating Trust Online’.
It’s so trusted it also applies to the forum(members).
Btw, it’s running smoothly here, too. :wink:

I agree. There are a LOT of jokers around here, apparantly.

Me, I’m not trusting any message regarding availability unless its posted by either Melih or Soya! :THNK

It was a protest… no i don’t have v3.
Grampa got it ;D

no download link???

It’s not released yet. The posters above were only joking.

Hey Pedro,

I even have an alpha of CPF v4, with full HIPS, sandbox, virtualization, BBC, CNN, NBA, and TPAVAAA (Total ProcActive Virus Annihilation Anyplace and Anytime). (:KWL) Light on resources and at the same time no chance for “nasties”. ;D
Why do I have it and you don’t?
Because your awake and I’m in cloud-cuckoo-land (:LGH)

“You remind me of a time when I was a night watchman in a Cranberry Sio”

“I’m In Love!.. No wait it’s a stroke!”

Some of my favourite Grampa quotes… Sorry just had to throw those in there…


Haha, your copy is corrupted! It’s missing the download manager feature! :■■■■

BTW, the protest was about us, posters, not Comodo. We’re way too nervous ;D
Just wait!

I say we, well, so you won’t feel lonely.I’m eager too, but i wait while NOT POSTING