Comodo best protection on the Net

Take a look what I found!

Nothing new.

its old news…but still seeing comodo at the top is always exciting :ilovecomodo:

Like they said old news comodo scored 100% on 2010-05-01.

That test has very little to do with “best protection on the Internet”, although it provides some general guideline to HIPS functionality.

If I were you, I wouldn’t read much into it.

Every single program listed there has active vulnerabilities, Comodo included. Properly testing which program is best is methodologically difficult, time consuming, and practically impossible. There are many solutions that are more “secure” and offer “better protection” than Comodo, and many that are less.

At the end of the day, what matters is the tradeoff between security and useability is, and how much risk you are willing to accept for a particular tradeoff.

Thats your opinion, my opinion is that Comodo is the best. I try so many of AV and only Comodo showed the best!

Like you said, it is YOUR opinion.

One of the main problems of this forum is “opinions”.

Your opinion or mine is not factual, neither is a statement “Comodo is the best”.

We need facts.

Not opinions.

well on forums fact shows up very little

Not just this forum, but pretty much all online forums. It’s an unfortunate consequence of the perceived anonymity and the arms-length separatedness of the internet.

[at] all, Please remember that everyone has a right to their opinion. Equally, you have a right to believe or ignore the opinions of others.

The old saying holds true - Opinions are like butts - everyone’s got one, everyone thinks theirs is beautiful and no-one wants to see the other guys.

Tolerance please.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, that is my opinion. But I can back up my opinion with fact, and show you highly restrictive solutions that are more secure. However, they will be practically unusable, due to the high volume of user interaction and knowledge required. Like I said, security is a trade off - there is no “silver bullet”, just degrees of protection.

It’s happens to be an opinion that is shared by all serious security analysts and researchers.

But there’s no doubt that Comodo is very good! It’s just that qualifying it as “The Best” is not accurate :wink:

lol ;D