Comodo Behaviour Blocker - "Safe List" query - thanks for help

Hi Guys,

I work for a company that operates some online casino websites (*** and 4 others).Link broken as it could be classed as Spamming

We use Playtech’s casino software, downloadable as an exe file - well established and trusted, good, clean software.

However, it is not on Comodo Behaviour Blocker’s “Safe List” and as a result, when a user attempts to download the file, the default option set by Comodo BB is for the download to be downloaded but with “limited access rights” (no icon on desktop etc). An alert also pops up indicating that the file is unrecognised - all painting a picture for the end user that the file might be dodgy in some way.

Comodo is a popular and much downloaded AV software and we have to assume that many users in the UK and other places will be using this.

I was just wondering whether anyone on here knows if there is a way for us (or even Playtech, I suppose) to submit the files to Comodo so that these could be analysed / verified, and be put onto Comodo BB’s “safe list”, so that it will be recognised and the user will be able to properly download all files with full access rights.

Grateful for any advice. :slight_smile:



If you want to make your products whitelisted, feel free to submit them right here :

Thanks - they are not our products necessarily (Playtech’s software which we have a licence to offer our customers) but between Playtech and us hopefully can sort something out.


You can submit anyone’s products there and they will be examined for possible whitelisting.

Hi, Thanks,

The main issue with this is that Playtech is periodically updating their Casino software so I imagine every time there is an updated release, it will no longer be recognised by Comodo.

I guess we could get round this on our side by periodically uploading our casino software .exe files for white listing when the updates are released.



Are the files digitally signed ? Do they have digital signature ?