Comodo beats Norton

The word is spreading :slight_smile:

A closer look at the detailed results reveals that there’s more to the story. The test shows that both Comodo and Norton detected and warned about 100 percent of the threats, though Norton got just 90 percent for the “Overall Detection and Blocking Rate”. Comodo didn’t mention that for the “Overall Detection, Blocking and Removal (Cleaning) Rate” their product scored 53 percent to Norton’s 80 percent. OUCH!

Anyone have a link to the detailed results?

Symantec does not know what they are talking about. That left over stuff is exactly what I said it is here;msg449217#msg449217

Yep, and the hosts file is still modified in the case of Norton.
What about the registry key, will it run the virus again on starup?
That’s why Norton got 90%.

here is the full result

It shows that we detected and prevented 100% !!! so that we didn’t have to clean :wink:

And although Norton detected it, but couldn’t stop the infection from occuring. Shows that Detection does NOT mean prevention :wink:


Symantec's response pointed up the mixed nature of the test's results. "We are pleased to see that Norton detected a perfect 100 percent of threats [and] … far outperformed the competitor in the comprehensive test, which proves whether a product can detect, block and remove threats… Norton helps keep the system running clean, versus the competition which leaves a much higher percentage of malware on a user's system."

LLLLLLLLLLoooosers!!! >:-D
Excuses, excuses…

Norton/Symantec allowed the PC to get infected! Period!


…and this is the best part… ;D

Symantec's experts are reserving further comment until they've had the opportunity to review the test and its methodology in full.

What can they come up with this time?
Wish there were more samples than just 30…we would nail them completely!

Put sunscreen on before a day at the beach or after a day at the beach, your choice.
Use a product from a Company that gives more than it takes or a product from a Company that takes more than it gives, your choice.
I know which I would choose. Kind regards.


They are hoping for many false positives from comodo.

Comodo MUST improve in cleaning! Everything else is great! :-TU

Anything else are excuses. The work of a security program is prevention. Specialized tools could be used for cleaning.

1)You can never rely on a single product for cleaning…
2)you can never know if you cleaned everything…
3)There are many cleaning tools available…including reformat…


There is only one Comodo :slight_smile: …keeping your clean pc clean :wink:


Melih, isn’t it simple to get traced the files automatic sandboxed to revert that actions (files dropped, keys changes, and, specially, files left behind). I know they’re inert and can’t harm, but would it be so difficult to remove them on booting?

np at all :)… we are on it…

our users wanted top notch cleaning…we will deliver it…we are on it :wink:

all in good time… :slight_smile:


Is Lord DACS? I mean, is it detection or cleaning improvements?

DACS is detection…

CCE is cleaning :slight_smile: