Comodo Battery Saver (CBS) v1.0.248566.1 on Android is now released on forum.

Hi, dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Battery Saver (CBS) v1.0.248566.1 on Android is now released on forum. CBS is designed to extend your smart phone’s battery life and optimize the using habit.

Compared with the former version CBS v1.0.21106.1 on Forum, we added more key features and made it improved.

What’s New?

1. Added independent charge tab

  • Individual charging page helps tracking charging status more easily
  • Providing grade for users’ battery using behavior and recoding the battery charge errors

2. Added three intelligent options, saving battery more intelligently

  • Low power auto save: when battery falls to your setting value, cbs will change mode to your preset mode automatically
  • Scheduled mode switch: Auto switch to your preset mode when in scheduled time interval
  • Disable features when device locked: Auto disable your preset features which include WiFi, Buletooth,2G/3G when in time interval

3. Included more saving modes

  • Reading Mode: Preset feature for your Reading
  • Cinema Mode: Preset feature for your Cinema and Meeting
  • Gaming Mode :Preset feature for your Gaming
  • Custom Mode: You can set 5 customize mode at last

4. Improved UI and user experience

We aim at providing the best and FREE mobile internet products to our users. We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support all our products! Meanwhile, if you guys have any good suggestion for CBS, please feel free to tell us.


What’s New?

  • Added ON/OFF switches widget
  • Improved UI and user experience

Product/download webpage: (or you can directly update)

size: 1,42 MB (1.497.066 bytes)
MD5: AA3D2587AEB7FC9ECDB1082E7FF06981
SHA-1: E922320E5330B3397582DC72732044D193352BCE

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Edit: added release information and updated file information for v1.0.253779.1. Eric

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Congratulations on the release of Comodo Battery Saver :-TU.

Maybe it’s just me but I found the “custom mode” settings a little confusing. For example:-

WiFi: Turn off WiFi to save battery - OFF

When I first looked at this, I thought I had to change to the “ON” position to turn off this feature.

Btw, when making a call, is the “green icon” and “grey icon” (with 3 lines) part of CBS (I haven’t seen these before). If so, what does the grey icon with lines stand for?


Hi, Graham1, Could you please take a screenshot of the lines?
Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Although I am against a battery saver per say, congrats on this release.
Might I suggest something that can really be useful in this?
Monitor all running apps and sensors/system and report on usage so that we can locate and determine what is actually using the battery and draining it (used only when not plugged into a charger)?
This suggestion would truly be of great value to save on battery power by locating actual drains and wake locks while in use and sleeping (these phones do sleep).

This icon seems to appear when a call is put on speaker mode. Similar icon (phone position) as green icon but with the 3 lines increasing in size (like the windows 7 volumn icon).


nice one!

Hi guys,

This Battery Saver app sounds pretty interesting. However, I wonder what versions of Android smartphones it runs on? Would it work on my phone with firmware version 2.1? And how would I install it on my phone? (Sorry, I’m kind of a newbie with this ;D)

Thanks for providing us with all your great and FREE products, I’ve been a happy Comodo Internet Security for many years and I glady recommend your products to anyone I know. :-TU

Kind regards,

I don’t like how switch profiles works. When I switch from, foe example Power Saving Mode to Normal Mode CBS turns on my Wi-Fi…is this really battery saver then? :smiley: It should only disable features that are switched on, not turn additional ones on.

Make sure your phone will install from the side, meaning from other sources.
Using the link above, download the app and select run once the DL is complete. This will install the app to your phone.

That wi fi turn on bug is STILL there? After it was said it would be fixed when I raised the issue when CBS was in beta. Pretty poor going.

Bug Report

I have enabled “scheduled mode switch” under Intelligent Options and set to switch to economy mode between 12.00am - 6.00am. I have noticed twice now that it does not revert back to my previous mode (custom mode) at 6.00am. Can anyone else confirm this?


14/09/2012: Worked
15/09/2012: Didn’t work (6.30am, 35% battery, still on economy mode)
16/09/2012: Worked
17/09/2012: Worked
18/09/2012: Worked
19/09/2012: Didn’t work (6.11am, 73% battery, still on economy mode)
20/09/2012: Worked
21/09/2012: Didn’t work (6.19am, 92% battery, still on economy mode)

Hi, Graham1,

Thank you very much for your feedback
Did you change any settings between 12:00 am and 6:00am?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Hi xiaofeng

Do you mean settings within CBS or Android?


Edit: If you mean CBS, no, but possibly within Android.

Seemed to stop email being sent and received and stopped the phone synchronizing. Very odd but after I removed it sync was working again nicely. It defo was CBS that was causing the lack of sync which is/was a shame.

Erm no it was not, my phones memory was full which was the cause of the lack of sync, which in a form was caused by downloading CMS but nothing in the software caused the above.

Does CBS need to be running (GUI visible) for CBS to charge your battery?


No! Why did you think that? :slight_smile:

CBS isn’t meant to be a battery charger.
It is a battery saver meaning it will let you know what is running and using the battery so you can disable or un install it to extend your battery between charges.

Because a full charge (100%) takes longer with CBS running. Prior to CBS, I would disconnect on 100% but CBS seems to charge beyond this.


CBS does seem to charge longer than your usual full charge though. If it were the same, I would expect it to chime when Android reached 100%.


CBS should be installed in EXTERNAL MEMORY, n0t in PHONE MEM0RY. it c0nsumes a lot of ph0ne mem0ry.