Comodo Battery Saver (CBS) BETA v1.0.21106.1 Android is released on forum.

Hi, dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Battery Saver (CBS) v1.0.21106.1 for Android is now released on forum. CBS is designed to extend your smart phone’s battery life and optimize the using habit. It features:

  1. Graphically display the status of the battery;

  2. Adaptively estimate remaining battery charge/use time;

  3. Allow you to easily switch on/off the phone features (such as Wi-Fi, GPS, 2G/3G, etc) to extend battery life;

  4. Provide three preset saving modes as well as user mode to help you saving the battery:

  • Normal Mode: it is the recommended mode for you to save battery by controlling screen brightness and optimizing a few features, such as: switching off Auto Sync, Touch Feedback, etc.
  • Power Saving Mode: it has three more different controls, like switching off WiFi, and runs intelligently to save more battery than Normal Mode.
  • Economy Mode: it only allows phone calls and SMSes to keep your phone’s standby time as long as possible. (CBS also gives the option to switch to Economy Mode when the power is less than 20% in “Settings”).
  • User Mode: it is the best choice for fanciers. You can set all the values as you like, let your smart phone running in your favorite way.
  1. Provide power consumption to help you find out which apps are battery hogs.

Our hearts go with you guys who are Comodo’s lovely users. We aim at providing the best and FREE products to our users. We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support all our Mobile Products! Meanwhile, if you guys have any good suggestion for CBS, please feel free to tell us.

Product/download webpage:

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md5: ffff5f7bbe5372f650b35b89422f5bb7
sha1: 9456537de39925d988ca4e0a54676f2e6f0b7ad0

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Is this a beta or release version?

The title of the thread mentions release but the 1st screenshot mentions beta?

Thanks COMODO, thanks CBS team and thanks Fanny! ;D

Wait a long time for this tool~ Downloaded and using CBS now~

Hi nanren,

I downloaded CBS and it’s a beta version



Maybe the first message should clearly show that it’s a beta version …

Enjoy the app guys, do not focus on a topic name ;D

But they should mention correctly beta or release. Some people dont like to install & test beta.

Agreed - I’ve modified the title

This is a handy little app :-TU. Would like to see this added to COMODO Mobile Utilities one day ;). Contragulations on the beta release.


No, addition is not necessary.

welldone to our android team…they keep delivering amazing products!


I had a slight problem. When you first use CBS (Sounds like the American TV Network but I digress.) It starts off in user mode. I believe it would be better to start of in normal mode. Thinking about normal mode when I first switched to it I then saw that my wifi was turned on even tho it is normally off. Not a great battery saver if by your recommended setting you switch something on that was off before. Apart from that it looks good. Feels weird using this phone without force feedback!

Got it. Thank you very much.

No problem. Pleased to help.

Another thing is when you switch to normal mode the screen contrast is switched to auto. I normally have the screen switched to 15 per cent. If there is a battery saving based on having auto and not 15 per cent then by all means let me know. I am aware that the normal has few features turned off, but not having the user worse off.

I really like the GUI, but IMHO in this domain, the king still remaining is JuiceDefender.
More toggles, CPU scaling, Night mode, brightness control, lots of triggers, etc.
I really appreciate your work, but don’t you are working on too many new fields? I mean, Security, Backup/File management and now Battery. Just saying.

compatible with Android 2.2 and more like CMS or android 1.x and 2.1 ok?

The permissions CBS ask for as the same as the AV which is a tad scary to say the least. Just one is access MMS not sure why a battery saver app needs to access MMS.

Hi, Patrice58, thank you very much. It is a code reuse mistake. We will get it fixed.