Comodo Battery Saver 1.2.3 is now available!

Hello everyone!

We have new version of Comodo Battery Saver V1.2.3!

What’s new: We added Android 4.4 KitKat support!
What’s new: We opened the distribution to tablets over Google Play!

Fixed: Missing digit on remaining time on some devices.

And various other minor functionality and design fixes.

Product/download link:

We would appreciate if you can take your time to give us the feedback or report us the bugs you identify on CBS. We believe that with your concerns and under our continuous efforts, our products would get better and better.

If you find bugs please send us with below information.

  1. What is your device brand name and model name?
  2. What is your device Android version and current language preference?
  3. Please provide more detail about when and how you got that error? Does it have a pattern?
  4. It would be great if you can capture screen shots regarding the error.

Thanks in advance!

Hi please tell me a widget on your desktop?

Why on Android 4.4 KitKat there is no tab “Utilization”? Possibly due to the following?


Exactly, on 4.4 Google decided to remove some of the abilities and access for developers :frowning:

@ ilkers
I have Nexus5 running kitkat and CBS is not updating it’s battery reading. after the first rung it reads that battery and stays that way. Will you fix this in the nest release? thx


Could you please observe the behavior and let us know if it is always the case?

Like any other application designed for this scope, I keep wondering if the devs know what they’re talking about. I hope the new version will be polished with very serious documentation compared to current version.

3 mobiles: Samsung galaxy Ace, Sony Xperia, ZTE Blade Q mini

I have Installed on those 3 devices and obliged to uninstall it after some months used because all 3 devices are became too slow

Is it possible to translate CBS?

Hello, I am using airplane mode on my tablet to power down cellular communication of my device completely. It helps much better than disabling only 3g internet access for power saving. Please add this option to the future versions of the app.

Hello, since my Samsung Galaxy S5 upgraded to lollipop 5.0, CBS is not turning off 3g network when I Close my SView cover, even tho it’s selected, thus draining my battery much quicker. I’m using CBS 1.2.3, never had a problem with Android 4’s. Please advise/update. Thanks. Steve.
My 1st post so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

future versions? I wonder 88) 88)
the product hasn’t been updated for over a year now 88) 88) :frowning: :frowning: :-TD :-TD

system:android 5.1.1
mobile type:oneplus one

ok,is running well well well!

Hi everyone;
Thanks for valuable feedback.
We are going to update Battery Saver soon. Please wait for new version.


Hello, dear developers.

First of all, thanks. Application does exactly what it shall - disconnects things that shan’t be used in different situations.
Also there are some suggestions which IMHO can make application more useful:

  1. It would be nice to reduce the minimum delay time of shutdown from 1 minute to, for example, 30 sec. or even 15.
  2. It would be nice to make that in case of the switched-off screen except wi-fi GPS (satellite part) was also disconnected.
    Also there is one little problem: not always it’s impossible to turn on/off mobile data transmission on the main screen and in settings of profiles when wi-fi works. What it is connected with, I don’t know, but in the root-mode everything works.
    Is it possible to fix it?

Thank you for your attention,

(Motorola xt 905. Android 4.1.2)

The setting menus are hard to read.

Unless you already know what they say, they are as useless as the tiny fake antique street signs found in communities whose income is from tourists that they want to delzy.

Faint tiny grey on grey subtitles makes no sense on a small screen.

Will this app see any update? I really love it but in Android 6 it has some problems.