Comodo bashing

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he he :slight_smile:

Don’t worry Yankee, there are many people whose interested won’t be well served.

however, they are missing the point.

The point is about

“How well an AV Product will PROTECT the end user”

the point is NOT

“how many % viruses AV detects”

My job is to protect end users! If i can achieve that and detect ZERO viruses, then who cares! :slight_smile:

an AV with HIPS built in does just that!

This discussion has started with the following:,6272.60.html

Where the effectiveness of an AV product was being measured (because that’s what the old Techniques still do) by the virus detection ratio.

Then I asked a question: Saying: if CAVS is not catching those viruses, can you execute them to cause damage?

And the poster tried to run over 30,000 tests to see and he couldn’t!

So the detection is NO LONGER the only gauge of “How well an AV Product Protect the user”!
We have proven it here in the above post!

It is this new concept people are struggling with, which is understandable.

Thru time, education will take place and everyone will understand that the Leadership that Comodo has shown is the way forward in fighting malware!

We are open (:AGL), we are genuine :SMLR, we are good! (:NRD)


AV programs are just stupid pieces of internet-paranoia promoting cash-cows,
they don’t really detect viruses but SIGNATURES .

Try pasting the following “code” (it isn’t “code” as it does NOTHING) to a new .txt file and save it


then scan it with your AV . Wow, a “virus” that resides in a .txt file ?

Not to say that there are no viruses, there are, but they are rare.
What’s the point in “hackers” destroying your data ? what do they gain from it ? nothing !
You should be a lot more concerned about spyware trying to steal your net-bank logons
or “innocent” looking software that turns your PC into a Spam-zombie .

I pray that Comodo doesn’t turn the Firewall into a “all in one” security app, as I’m fed up with
all the false positives that AV-programs are giving so they can “prove” how you get something
for your hard-earned cash .

EDIT : This board changes the formatting : where it says [ at ] in the code above its supposed
to be the sign [ at ] (the one from e-mail addr.), no spaces.
Or download the EICAR AV-test files from here :

check this out…,6272.msg47908.html#msg47908