Comodo bashing or do I misunderstand the comparison?


I did have a discussion at wilders about the CAV comparison at:

It seems like some people see that comparison as if Comodo claims that none of the AV´s mentioned do not offer the same protection as CAV.

I try to explain that it is not about that, but about what CAV offers for free compared to the other vendors.

Either they are on a comodo bashing spree or then the information on the comparison page is unclear. They say that Comodo claims that the other AV´s dont have certain techniques (the red crosses)

I can not convince them, and wont try anymore. I dont write this to get you or go in there, pleas dont. No need to start a useless war.
I just want to make sure that there is not something wrong with my english since I dont see it their way.
I am right, aren’t I?

Ever hear the saying, you can lead a horse to water? Well this applies and I don’t even have to read what was written there. I had about a year ago,(perhaps less) an experience with Firefox. When I downloaded it, I kept getting spyware that Ewido was picking up. So I mentioned this, along with some fake java window. Now, the guys behind the coding of Firefox were great, no problem and if anyone knows, Firefox was being put out with adware around this time and made the internet news. I was according to FF , the first with this issue and of course then , the first to find this spyware\adware as I don’t trust any application and check thorougly. Anyway, I had simply mentioned this, and the users went haywire on me, on Cnet, on the FF forums, if I could have been there they would have strung me up and burned me at the stake. I kid you not, my words were so twisted that I was getting attacked for something I never said and more than once. I thought to myself , people either can’t read , are blind, or completely out of touch with reality. Of course others did join in and defend me since I had did NOTHING wrong but find adware, but regardless, people will believe what they want no matter what you say. Me , I am willing to learn and to change as nothing is the holy grail, no software but some are thick headed and you can’t tell them anything. That’s the way it goes and it ticks you off but we have to simply say, “their loss”. :wink:


you are right.
its about what they give for free.


Thanks. I knew it. I just found it hard to believe that an official representative for F-prot could be bashing a competitive product without any cause. Not very professional imo. The thread on wilders will speak for it self :slight_smile:
This shows that you guys have put fear in their hearts. (or at least his) If they resort to such simple bashing, instead of facts, you know you´re on to something. Comodo is lethal :slight_smile:


You are correct. Many are worried about full free products that do far more than theirs. :wink:
Perhaps this can also show how much more they charge for an insufficient product.


That chart is very deceptive and should be removed from the Comodo website in my opinion. I love the CPF, but that chart is just plain wrong. If what you are saying is true, then none of the other products should have any checkmarks. Because those other products are not free. So none of their features are free. Hence they should have zero checkmarks and all red X’s.

Does that make sense?

I asked our marketing dept to re-evaluate that chart pdq.
we don’t want anyone to have the wrong impression.
No other competitor has come to us said its wrong otherwise we would have corrected it immediately.

The marketing guys are checking it again, but the only information our marketing guys have is the competitors websites (eg: support for free versions they have, is not mentioned on their website etc).

anyway, feel free to let us know what areas are out of date etc etc we will correct it.
its just not worth the hassle to be honest :slight_smile:


I spoke without CAREFULLY anlayzing that comparison chart. Many of those products are either out of date or are only the antivirus version of the product, not the top of the line “internet security” version of the companies product.

So with that said, I am not certain how much of that chart is accurate or not. But I can say with certainty that the way the chart is written, the RED X’s imply that the product does not contain that feature. If it were a chart comparing “free features” the chart would not exist because those other products are not free.

In any case, I wasn’t trying to bash Comodo in my post at all. I love what Comodo is doing and reccomend their products to my friends and family. I just really thought the chart was a tad misleading or at a minimum could be easily misinterpreted.