Comodo balloon messages

I really like the popup balloon messages of Comodo. I love it when they tell me that the firewall is running in the background when I close the GUI(at least that is what I think it is) and I love when it tells me that an update is ready, which it did 5 minutes ago and I had to restart my computer for the update to take effect. I know that sometimes if I don’t want the balloon messages to show, I can just click them and Comodo says that they won’t show up again. If I change my mind and want the messages back, how do I get them back without having to reinstall the firewall or check the box that says show balloon messages?

Hi Rman87,
Go to More, Preferences and tick/untick (As desired) Show balloon messages.

hello. the option to show balloon messages is ticked, however, I don’t appear to be getting the balloon message anymore that the firewall is still running in the background.

My apologies, I have just tried this and you are correct.

is there anyway I can get the messages back?

I have just asked the other Mods to take a look, because I thought my solution should have worked but it obviously doesn’t.

It could also be a bug in 5.10, feature just reactivated, let’s see if anything shows up here.

As it’s important to know what messages we’re talking about can you give an exact description of when such message should appear.
(which actions do we need to do? click here, look there etc).

The message of the balloon should say that the firewall is still running in the background when you close the GUI interface and it should say an update is ready when there is an update to the firewall.