Comodo backup with XP Pro

Tried this with XP Pro…totally sucked. :-\ First, any file/folder that I choose to send to cloud
gets it’s icons changed & they can’t be changed back easily. Eventually, the icons get replaced with Comodo’s own icon that has a big check mark indicating the file was backed up. Before a file/folder gets backed up the icon is replaced with an ugly generc icon with a clock indicating the file is scheduled for backup…Not good at all.

Second, It seems to take forever to back anything up…even a small folder.

Third, when I go to restore anything after a manual backup from the main backup screen, I get error messages that say “Invalid Path” or “Choose a valid backup file” but If I go to cloud directly, it works. Again, not good.

I tried uninstalling & reinstalling & get the same result.

The manual is quite limited when it comes to help especially on incremental backups.

Heard a lot of good things about this backup program but it’s too bad I didn’t experience anything good
about it. Unless there’s a fix for this, I can’t help but feel this program is way overrated & needs an overhaul.