Comodo Backup Wishlist rev 2

It would be great if it’s possible to exclude/include directories base on patterns.
E.g. excluding all directories named “temp*” which is quite usefull when running a backup on the Document and Settings folder for all users.


Hi CarlosCastaneda

You can use the include and exclude function in Comodo Backup. If when you are editing your backup, click on source, and then click on the source folder that you want to edit and click edit item. Here you can add any items that you wish in the include and exclude areas. You can use wildcards as well.


Hi Jasper,

may be I didn’t get it or my request was not very clear. When I’m excluding directories I can only provide a list which means, that in order to exclude the folders “Temp” “Temporary Internet Files” for every sinlge account on the machine I’ve to specify “C:\Documents and Settings<User>\Local Settings\Temp”, “C:\Documents and Settings<User>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files” etc…

I’d like to specify exclude “\temp*” mask to exclude all those temporary stuff.


It’d be a good option to hide filenames in a password-zipped backup.
Great utility btw.

I would like to see an RSYNC client built into comodo backup.

My wishlist item… a Windows XP x64 version

Windows may already have what you are looking for on point #1… at the command line…
dir /b /s >dir.txt

First of all: YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!! (L)

I just found out about your backup program. It makes me wonder what else you may have in store for me… apart from CFP, CAV, CIS, BOC et cetera. (:LGH)

You have made an OpenBSD fan feel better about having to use Win32.

The one thing I find missing the most in your backup software is SFTP support. Allowing the user the option of that protocol would “align” this product more with your VERY STRONG (read fanatic) inclination to provide security to us all. It would also allow me to establish a tight backup policy, using a somewhat safer OpenBSD NAS for storage, using a secure channel for transfers.

To Melih and all in this great team called COMODO:

Whenever you are in Panama, beers are on me. :■■■■

This may be costly, but here it is:

That C. Backup can back-up to a remote file hosting/file backup owned by Comodo. Each user get 5GB or so free, and has to pay for more (maybe 100GB or 200GB).

One thing I miss with Comodo Backup is the ability to produce a specified number of revisions in incremental mode.

First, I really like this software, great piece of work,…

A feature I would like to see in a next version is the ability to delete folders in the destination that are not in the source anymore.

Thanks in advance,


Here are my feature requests for Comodo Backup:

  1. Support for VSS.
    It would be nice if Comodo Backup would be able to sync files that are in use (locked files).
    SyncBackSE or Cobian backup are all able to do this by using VSS (volume shadow copy service) which is available in windows xp, vista and windows 2003.

  2. True bi-directional synchronisation.
    By that i mean syncing files and folders not one way, as it works right now, but in both directions.

  3. Conflict handling.
    If you are going to implement bi-directional synchronisation, then you are also going to have to implement some options for conflict handling, because it can be possible that a situation occurs in which a file has been changed both in the folder on the left side aswell as in the folder on the right side.
    This situation is very likeley to occur when, for example, a user changes a file on the left side which is located on a laptop where at that moment no network connection is available.
    If someone then also changes a the file on the right side (on the server) and the network is available again, Comodo Backup is confronted with a file that has been changed file both on the left side aswell as on the right side.

Maybe the user will then have to be confronted with a dialog asking him what he/she wants to do.
The following options can be presented (got these from SyncBackSE):

  • overwrite destination
  • overwrite source
  • delete
  • delete from destination
  • delete from source
  • move to destination
  • move to source
  • skip
  1. Force a Sync at logoff and at logon.

  2. Prevent file corruption by renaming.
    I am not sure if any options have been build-in to make sure that files do not get corrupted when they are transferred to the destination folder, but to prevent creation of corrupted files from occuring because of, for example, a bad network connection it would great if Comodo Backup would first copy the file to the destination folder in a hidden filename and then rename it to its original filename once the filetranfer has been completed. That should prevent corrupted file froim be created.

SyncBackSE uses this technique also.

  1. Resume support (delta sync).

By that i mean the ability to resume an interupted file tranfer. So if one big file is tranfered and the tranfer is interrupted, it will resume tranferring that file were it was interrupted, instead of starting tranfering the whole file all over again.
I don’t blame you for not even looking at this feature request, because it will probably be incredibly complicated, but it would really great if that were possible.

  1. Auto backup of every file that has been replaced or deleted during the synchronisation.

Here are my feature requests for Comodo Backup:

Backup Mode - Copy with deleting others than sources files" with the option “Full backup (Recreate ALL)”.

When i delete folders in source directory and the comodo backup runs he checks the differences and delete the files inside of the folder, sub folders but do not delete the folder and the sub folders in the target folder. The folder and the sub folder are no data inside! Please put one option in Comodo Backup to delete the folders and sub folders in the target folder when it´s erase it is the source folder.




Some weeks ago I discovered “Comodo Backup”. This is a great tool doing exactly what i was looking for - and for free! Great! Thanks a lot!

All of a sudden, I came accross an “odd” behaviour, i. e. Commodo Backup springs from the tray to the foreground when set to do a backup job at a certain time or interval. Two other users also stumbled upon this fact.

Some guy in THIS thread said, one should run Comodo Backup “using a service”:

"If you are using a service backup you should not see anything open when Backup runs. It will run silently in your tray.

Can anyone tell me / us, how to do this service-thing?

Otherwise, for the next revision I’d suggest to implement kind of a silent mode for Commodo Backup.

G’day and welcome to the forums.

If you want your backup jobs to run without displaying the interface window, you will need to run it as a service backup, as opposed to a user backup.

Check this link for an overview on the differences and pre-requisites.;msg99248

To set a job as a service backup, there are three things you have to do BEFORE you set it up;

  1. Log in as an adminstrator - jobs set up under a standard account will only run when that account is logged in.
  2. Ensure the Microsoft Task Scheduler services is running.
  3. Ensure the Comodo Backup service is running.

To check whether the services are running, click START → RUN, type “services.msc” and press ENTER. This will display a list of all registered services on the PC and allow you to check and change their status.

To modify and existing User Backup;

  1. Once you have logged in as an adminstrator, open Comodo Backup
  2. Double click the job you want to change to a service backup.
  3. In the EDIT BACKUP window, the third option is “Backup Type”.
  4. Change this from “User Backup” to “Service Backup”
  5. Click OK.

This job should now run minimized, regardless of who is logged in.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Use less memory! ;D

I’m a big fan of the Comodo backup software the only problem is as of version 1.1, Comodo Backup can only back up to 4GB in size and I was wondering if there were any plans to increase this? :comodorocks:

Not sure if someone mentioned this before, but can the backup files be encrypted?

  • exclusion patterns

heartily seconded : I care not for the CVS folders to be backed up, I’d really like to exclude file or directory names based on patterns (eg ant’s /directory/ exclusion patterns)

  • access to hourly schedule in service mode as well (currently only available in user mode)

  • stop backup if drive is removeable and … is removed - this would provide cleaner and more informative logs when trying to backup on a unplugged USB key for example than the serie of “Error - Cannot write to folder” messages…

Comodo Backup is a very nice piece of software though, I love it - and I want what I love to be perfect !

I love this software but there should definitely be an option for the backups to be ‘bit checked’ or verified in some way.

Hi all,

Can I make your software to archive to ZIP file more than 2Gb ?

Thank you,