Comodo Backup Wishlist rev 1

Please let us know what new feature or modification you would like to see in the backup product.




  1. Consistent UI with CAV and CPF.
  2. Write a backup as a session to a CD-R (DVD-R/+R), as opposed to file writing to a CD-RW (DVD-RW). This would save the user having to always have a formatted CD-RW (DVD-RW) handy and would lower the total running costs of the app.
  3. System component backup (specific backup job to capture registry, host and services file and other critical system components).
  4. Hardware driver specific backup (I think this is a great idea and can’t find any backup app that includes this).
  5. Have user defined backup jobs in a drop list in the main program window for easy accessibility.

hope this helps,
ewen :slight_smile:

  1. Mirroring/cloning hard drives
  2. Auto shutdown option once backup completed

Mirror/clone partitions (Like Paragon Drive Backup - set the job up in windows, it locks the partition, reboots to blue screen and runs the imaging and then reboots back to Windows.)

ewen :slight_smile:

One thing I would like to see is some way to create a short cut on the desk top to a certian backup job so when I double click the short cut, that back up job starts.

What about an option to backup all installed Comodo application settings - firewall rules and zones, AV settings and quarantines etc.

ewen :slight_smile:

What about an option to backup all installed Comodo application settings - firewall rules and zones, AV settings and quarantines etc.

ewen :slight_smile:

A standalone un-installer that can be downloaded from the comodo site.

How about adding a Emergency Recovery backup. This back up would create a bootable set of CD-R or DVD-R disks and would completly restore a hard drive. For those of us that have disk drives go clunk in the night, it would make a complete restore easier.

One option I can think of would be a selection which did a Registry Backup. Although it can be done by selecting C:\Windows\System32\etc etc not everyone is necessarily aware of this and therefore I though it might be good to have the option similar to the My Documents already shown.

Also would be nice to have Documents and Settings backup so that things that are often forgotten by users at reformat time are kept - eg Outlook Express and Thunderbird emails for example.

Could possibly opt to have Backup Favourites/Bookmarks,

Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking the software but you ask for a wishlist and I know I am often asked to show people how to do things and I feel that something like the above would make it far easier for novices.

Regards… Phil (WCF3)

I am really impressed with the comodo applications and gui. Great work! They are still in early versions, but I see a bright future ahead.

However, I really miss a restore-from-ftp function. As far as I can gather, this is not possible in the curent version?

  1. Possibility to select files according to the last modified date (say: two weeks old)
  2. Do not backup empty folders (subfolders for which the filter settings causes no file to be included)
  3. One-Click backup possibility to make pre-set backups easily for “dumb” users (shortcut on a desktop which this user clicks on and the backup is made automatically)
  4. Resolve the bug with not retaining the preferred CD/DVD-RW drive
  5. backup latest Outlook / Outlook Express /Thunderbird emails possibility (this could be difficult to add)
  6. Option to reset Archive atribute after successful backup (although this can be managed the attrib command)

Hope anything from the above can be quickly adopted.

I think it would be good, if the program optionally ejects the CD disc after the backup is completed. This is also good because the disc directory structure will be re-read after the disc will be re-inserted.

I found a simple GPL/freeware CD eject utility here:

it si called EJ and it simply delivers what I need.

Usage: EJ driveletter:

However, having this implemented in Comodo Backup would be great.

Create a log of the restore process(same as the backup process).
That way you can see if everything restored OK.

Create a log of the e-mail test to help with troubleshooting it’s setup.

A complete system harddrive back up without exiting windows. With Incremental backup option.
Like xxxcopy.


When you create a backup and want to create a restore, it might copy all other files back (whatever other files were there): the default All isn’t good when you only created 1 or 2 zip files there, as it’ll try to uncompress ALL zip files from the specified directory. I’ve just stopped the copying but the log file sad it was successful… i wonder. Also, you must create the directory for the restore process. If you don’t just miss a specific file, this restore process could be a real pain.

When you create an extension at Exclude extensions, you can check it, then it’ll be displayed as excluded item: but the checkbox won’t remain checked anymore.

CSV files with ;-separated texts save would be nice.

Maybe custom problem: can’t type in backslash () at Destination Folder. Confirm?

Support DVD-writeing softwares. I saw that i can use Nero7 from media player instead of the built-in Roxio.

Multilanguage support.

Detection of file changes by crc32/md5 to help scan and keep backups smaller. A log of detected changes would also be very nice.

Comodo Backup is a great product. The first I’ve used that I’m truly happy with. As for improvements, one thing that really irritates me with several software products are list windows that aren’t resizeable. Comodo Backup has one, the show log window. The user shouldn’t be forced to use a horizontal scrollbar to see an entry when they have sufficient screen realistate. This is further compounded by a character width limit in the show log window that prevents me from seeing some filenames as some filenames are getting clipped when the path and filename is too long.
Other nice additions that I’d like to see have already been pointed out by other faithful users.

Thanks for a great product, Dave.