Comodo Backup V1 versus V2

I have been happily using V1 for a long time but have recently experienced a minor problem. Comodo Support suggested upgrading to V2 which I have done but, even after reading the User manual, I cannot figure out how to use V2 in the same way as I was using V1.
My backup regime is as follows:
Do a full back up of specified files on the 1st of every month to an external disk drive, saving the backup in a file called “December 2009 Backup” (say). Every Monday, do an incremental backup to this file. After every backup, remove the external drive and store it in a safe place. After every monthly full backup, delete any backup files older than 3 months.
As far as I can tell, there is no way to do incremental backups in V2. “Syncronisation” appears to be an answer but it does not seem to work and I don’t want to have my external disk drive plugged in all the time.
Have I missed something?

Hi ferdinand

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Incremental and synchronization will be fixed in the next update.


                  <link removed no longer available>

I have the same question. The link in the reply is dead.

Is there any way to simply import your V1 settings into v2?

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Hi jubrand

Sorry the link went dead. I removed it now.

No there is no possible way to import v-1 settings to v-2. They are totally different.