Comodo Backup v1.0.3.0, Windows Vista compatible is launched!

You can download new version of Comodo Backup from:

Release notes are avaliable at:

All comments and wishes about version are welcome in this topic.

Suggestions for Comodo Backup v1.0.4.:

  • either forget built-in log and use file(s) only as there are 3 locations for logging or forget the “Log to log area” option and make it default.
  • assign correct column name and display the correct name. Check out what names you used in the “New backup” window and what column titles are displayed.
  • “Backup Mode” is displayed as “Work Mode”, rename to “Type”
  • the Backup Type is missing from the columns.
  • rename “Log” menu to “Logging”

[] New backup…

  • correct text “‘Backup not active’ means it is not to run per your schedule, at start or shutdown” to “Inactive backup will not run at the specified time!”
  • create a default name for the jobs
  • Assign Ctrl+E, instead of Ctrtl+O to the job edit
  • rename “Backup Name” to “Name”
  • rename “Backup Mode” to “Type”
  • rename “Backup Type” to “Privilege” or “User”
  • delete the "Backup Mode - " texts from the drop-down list
    [][] Source tab
  • at the Show Files, rename the window title to “Selected files and directories”
  • if you add InBox to the job and you want to exclude folders with the Exclude Folders… button i’m pretty sure there aren’t many computers which can display the full path when you click the Add button…
    [][] Destination tab
  • create a “Browse…” button for local/network path (make it active if those are selected)
    [][] Schedule tab
  • disable checkbox before the “Every” text if either Selected days or months are selected
  • rename to “Run before backup”
  • rename to “Run after backup”

[] Restore From Local Machine…

  • make “Prompt before overwrite” checked as default
  • select the applied destination directory as default for “where the backup files located”
  • rename “Pleace, check the settings for restore” to “Please, check the restoration settings”
  • rename “Select folder where restoring” to “Select target restoration directory”
  • It couldn’t restore from an ftp job! Also, next to Backup file there’s a “labelBackup”, next to the Restore file there’s a “labelRestore” displayed. I guess you can delete them.

[] Settings…

  • delete the “Options” text from all tabs at Options/Settings. The new tabs: General, Logging, Macros, Security.
  • rename “Folder for temporary file” to “TEMP directory:”
  • delete the plus “Options” text from all frame texts (eg. Date instead Date options)
  • rename “Log to external log file” to “Log file:”
  • rename “Log options” to “Logging”
  • delete “For” at Log Options
  • rename “Write date at macros as” to “Write date macros as:”
  • rename “Write time at macros as” to “Write time macros as:”

[]Show Full Log…

  • rename “Show” to “Display”
  • rename “Log Show” title to “Log” or “Full Log”

Things to think about:

  • No multi-select with the usual SHIFT and CTRL buttons.
  • I wonder if you’d like to place the cpu priority settings below the Security tab.


  • when you want to define an external log file at the log settings, you are using an “open” window instead of a “save”: this way user can’t specify NEW file, can only choose the ones which already exists.



Further suggestion for Backup 1.0.4 - under Vista, service backup field is unavailable unless the desktop icon for Backup is set to “Run as Administrator”.



Ewen :slight_smile: