Comodo Backup v1.0.2.0 is launched!

hmm, nice, but what is new in this version? is there changelog somewhere? :slight_smile:
btw it looks, that scheduled backups still doesn’t work. I have planned to backup my Miranda every hour, but from start of Comodo BackUp elapsed more than 1 hour, but backup doesn’t run :frowning: (only at startup and manualy). But I’m using this new version very short time, so I will see, if other scheduled backups will run or not.
btw I’m using service mode backup.

Hi Melih,

I installed the new version of Comodo Backup and all of my service backups run as scheduled but the “Last Run” field is no longer getting updated. The CmdBkpSrv.log shows that they ran at the correct times and I verified that the backups are updating the files in the destination correctly. I have these backups scheduled to run during the night when I am not logged in. They are setup to do simple copies. When I installed the new version, I chose to keep my existing backup jobs. I tried re-starting the service but that did not solve the problem.


thanks for the feedback…
our dev guys are taking notes… pls keep them coming…

Just wondering, does this version also install the launchpad? I am hoping not.

No, it does not! Your hopes are answered… :wink:


That’s great (:CLP)
I have looked at the launchpad wish list and if some of the suggestions happen I might consider using it, but for now I just don’t like it. Glad this new release of backup doesn’t force it on me.

I haven’t been able to find anywere on the support website a list of things that have changed with the new version. After loading v1.0.2.0 the helpfile shows 3 bug fixes and 1 improvement for v1.1

It would be a big help to us if we knew what’s changed between versions so that we can determine if we want to upgrade. I didn’t have problems with the previous version so I don’t really need to upgrade. However if it allowed for backups for greater than 2 Gigs compressed I’d really want to get the new version.

Can you please point me to a list of what has changed? Thanks.

Great to hear that I don’t need the launch pad anymore… How can I uninstall it though ??? It does not show up on the "programs installed " list

Go to Start/Run and type “msconfig” (no quotes), then go to Startup tab. Find the entry for CLPTray and uncheck to disable. Apply, Close, and reboot.

When you restart, LP won’t be running. Then simply remove the files from c:\program files\comodo\launch pad. Might also want to run a registry cleaner to remove any residue in the registry (or do it manually thru regedit). Be sure to make a backup/export the registry prior to making any changes!


Thank you Little Mac! Have finally removed it from my computer. Just one little problem… :slight_smile:

Launch pad was the only way I could get into Comodo Backup. Any suggestions on how I can do this now? (I guess you can see I am not too computer literate!)


Providing you have installed Comodo Backup into the default location, you can use the shortcut that’s in the attached ZIP file.

  1. Save the ZUP file to your desktop where it will appear looking “sorta” like a normal folder.
  2. Double click this to open it.
  3. It should contain just one file which is the shortcut file to Comdo Backup.
  4. Drag this file onto your desktop.
  5. You can now get rid of the “sorta” folder.
  6. Double click the shortcut to make sure it works on your system.

Hoep this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

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Or, you can do this in these scenarios…

Navigate to the main executable of the application in question (in this case, C:\Program Files\Comodo\BackUp\CmdBackUp.exe), right-click and select “Pin to Start Menu” or “Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)”.

The first will add a quick-link to the top-left section of the Start Menu; the second will add it to your desktop.


Great, thanks guys! All back to normal now (:LGH)

Does not work when True Image Home 11 is instaled - Did my upgrade yesterday and now Comodo Backup does not start.
Uninstalled and reboot , installed again and still does not work.