Comodo Backup takes external drive offline when done

Comodo Backup 3.0.164972.96 takes external USB drive offline when done with backup. Backup is a clone/disk partition. when this happens the ext usb drive is not visable and does not show up in explorer.
I’m using Win7 to clone the C: drive to the ext usb drive (D: drive)

The only way to get the drive back on line is
1.unplug and plug in drive
2. right click on computer, left click on Manage.
3. double click on Storage.
4. find Disk 1…you will see it’s offline
5. Right click on the disk 1 box and choose and click on Online

the external drive will now show up as drive D: in explorer.
The question is, why does Comodo take the ext drive offline in the win7 system?



Please update to the latest version 3.0.171317.130: