Comodo Backup Speed??


I am a new user of Comodo backup. I have previously used Macrium Free, but like many of the options in here. However, when I set the intial backup to run it is telling me times of approximately 12-15 hours!

Is this normal? I am backing up about 300 GB to an external HD.

Are there options or changes that can speed this up?


Hi Taralist-
I am also new to Comodo Backup. I started backing up my ““C”” drive at 3am this morning. At that time CBU informed me the BU would take 2 days, 6 hours…18 hours later I’m now up to 3 days 7 hours remaining. At my age I’m afraid that I’ll be finished before the BU is. Can’t find the right place to get help. John

hello world-

I have an update from the above post…

I started my backup at 3:13 AM on 1-5-15, which is about 10 days ago and BU tells me I have 7 days and 20 hours to go. If the BU time is not increased (again and again and again) it will take 17-18 days to back up approx 550 GB. Can anyone out there tell me this is normal? Does anyone out there have a comment?..hello…are you there? John

Hi everyone…I’m in the same position it seems - a new Comodo backup user (using version who’s trying to do an initial backup and is somewhat staggered at both the amount of time it’s already taken and the amount of time it’s predicting it will further take to complete.

I am backing up ~146GB of files from my PC (Win 7 Pro 64 bit, i5, 8GB RAM) to a 300GB external hard drive (Freecom) via USB2. It started at 20:25 on 15th Jan and it’s currently at 41% (1.5 days later)…and predicting another 2 days 4 hours to complete!! Surely this can’t be right??

This is actually the second attempt I’ve made to backup - the first one I stopped after about 12 hours because it was just taking way too long. So I restarted it and made sure I set both “Disk (Network) Usage” and “Processor Usage” to High. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have made any difference whatsoever.

Half of me is intrigued and wants to see just how long one backup could possibly take - but the other half has very little patience left and wants to cancel the backup, uninstall the product and try something else that doesn’t take days to complete!

As the other posters have said…is there anyone that can help or at least shed any light on this? Please…??

EDIT: I’ve just been looking at the on screen log - it’s currently backing up photographs and it just took 24 seconds to backup a single 6MB file! :-TD :-\ Checking the Task Manager also reveals that CBU.exe is taking up 4.2GB of RAM…and this seems to be growing all the time (memory leak…?!?).

I am new with CBU too, but have lost of IT experience. At this time, the test files that I am backing up are only 576MB, and it is taking 2 minutes.
Questions that I would like you to think about are -
Are you requesting that the output file be split, or that it remain one large file?
If your backup target was not wiped before you started it could be fragmented. It could be taking thousands or millions of little pieces of free space to write out a very large backup file. Large files make up of lots of fragments are very slow to maintain. If you can’t wipe and re-format the backup target device before backing up to it, try writing out multiple segments, say 50GB each.
Are you specifying compression?
Compression takes a lot of CPU time, but is uses less space. Balance the I/O against the CPU usage. Try different levels of compression.
Have you asked for de-duplication?
I have no idea what algorithm Comodo is using, but you can guarantee that it is using CPU and possible a fair amount of I/O to save some space. Benefits? Try it on and try it off.

Use the Task Manager or Resource Monitor to check the amount of memory, CPU and HDD usage.
If your backup target drive is only used for backups, consider increasing the cluster size (the basic size the drive is formatted to access at one time). If you are writing 300GB it would make sense that a larger cluster size would be more efficient than a smaller one.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.

I have been testing with small files and because you are asking some good questions. Here at work I decided to try to backup my local machine to a drive on the office network.
compression was “LOW”, most parameters were default, 135GB compressed, 185GB uncompressed. While working on the computer and limited by a local 10/100 “Fast Ethernet Switch” (even though my machine and the inhouse network are capable of giga-bit speeds).
The backup took about 6 hours. (not impressive).

Yesterday I tried max compression, de-duping, splitting the output files at 10GB, and the backup croaked on lack of memory (it was up to about 3GB in a 4GB machine). I have not had time to isolate which options are memory hogs.

If anyone has any other experiences with speed (or memory consumption), please share


hi , just sharing my experience.
I have been using comodo backup 4.4.1 for about half a year and experienced reasonable backup performance.

However suddenly last time I tried to peform a full file backup of 60.000 files/190 GB/low compression to an external hard drive using USB 3.0. it was scheduled to take 12 days. Following the online backup log even smaller files (few metabytes) were copied with a very slow speed.

Found this thread:
And tried with “log to file” without showing log on monitor in “log” option in step 3. Then I was back to normal around 2 hours backup time.

Don’t ask me what happened, but may be a usable work around to continue with an otherwise good backup tool.

I’ve switched to Veeam endpoint. It works pretty quickly so far.