Comodo Backup not mounting

Hi…Would like some confirmation or other re Comodo Backup not mounting. Run a laptop nigh on 6 years old. Although Vista is very fast. Although reasons for this are multifactorial, my query today concerns cache flushing only.
When I flush the APR the “Mount Backup” function does not work and I have to overwrite the backup. Is this correct or am I making an error along the way.
Ta in advance
PS As these backups are stored on my D: drive + Externally + Another source, this is a little bit of a nuisance as the only way I now know how to correct is to overwrite all.

Does Comodo Backup show an error?
If yes, please collect the debug information.


Thanks for reply but backups are mounting at the moment

When I had this problem about a year ago no one on forum knew the answer. What I did to solve was change the Backup Method to Raw Read from Shadow Volume Copy. All has worked great since then with absolutely no probs. Hope this helps !!!