Comodo Backup - no help in the subform

I’m trying to run a backup from a BAT file, calling a script that has been saved from the profile.
THe line below,seems to call the script but it just hangs there doing nothing, also it prompts for a password, but even after you enter it, it still just sits there doing nothing


“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe”/script “D:\Comodo BKP\”

I have to put the path to the CBU exe in quotes or the cmd prompt will have a problem with the space in program files…also Comodo requires the path to the script in quotes too
This line is not running the script, CBU exe launches into memory, a little window prompts me to enter a password for the backup and then it just sits there forever doing nothing (or in a loop)?

Can anyone help please