Comodo backup is not working properley

I installed comodo backup on windows server 2008 R2 sp1 and have had nothing but trouble since the installation. My issues are as follows:

  • Cannot launch comodo backup
  • Cannot reboot box without manually cutting the power. It hangs on the “windows is shutting down” step
  • The processor is being 25% consumed by a comodo cloud service

I have since removed the backup software (v from the server and still have restart issues.

Any advice would be appreciated. Comodo support suggested to re-install, which yielded the same result.


If the restart issue is caused by CB (after being uninstalled) it means that one of it’s components remained installed.

Please check to see if there are any files left in
\Program Files\COMODO\Comodo Backup
\Program Files\COMODO\COMMON

Or any of the following sys files:

Some of them remain installed on the system, if you also have COMODO Cloud installed, because they are common components used by both COMODO Backup and COMODO Cloud.

You can also try the CB 4.1 BETA and try to disable the “Scan files for backup purposes” option in settings.


Try to create a dump file for these two proceses.


In \Program Files\COMODO\COMMON there are two files. libeay32.dll and sslea32.dll. that is it. I removed comodo clout as well.

All of the other files are gone.

Any thoughts as to what might have been preventing comodo from launching when It was installed?

Without a dump file we can’t say for sure.