Comodo Backup icon disappears from task bar!?


I have CB installed and it wont start with windows so I did put a short cut to the exe in the start-up folder. Now CB starts but after a view seconds the icon disappears from the taskbar next to the clock.

Hi Eljo

Do you mean that when the interface is open you do not have an icon in the notification area near the clock? The only time you should have the icon there is when Backup is open or when it is backing up a job in the background. It starts automatically as a service when you boot up your system and windows starts. You don’t have to have a shortcut in the startup folder. If backup is not installing correctly then the program will not run.

Try this: disable the shortcut in the startup folder
reboot and go to start/run and type in “services. msc” (without the quotes)
see if ComodoBackupService is running with status on running and automatic.

If the service is running backup is working as it should and you will be able to use the scheduler to do your backups. If it is not running then during the installation something prevented the service from being installed.

Other than that you just open the program interface from your start menu when you want to.

Hope this has helped you


I have running in the services:

Comodo Memory Guardian injector 32bit - running
ComodoBackupService - running

I changed the backup service from user to service backup.

Still how do I know without checking the service if Comodo really started and makes his backup/sync?