Comodo Backup - Feature Suggestions

I’m not sure of this belongs here under Wishlist or under CB Help, but Wishlist seemed the most appropriate so I posted here.

Feature Suggestions:

  1. More Synchronize Functions/Options:
    I would like to see some additional options for the Synchronize function. If I understand it correctly the current Synchronize runs a service in the background and does Real-Time file/folder synchronization based on a set interval. While this is a good option, I would like to see the addition of a non-realtime Synchronization (probably simpler to implement), that can be run on-demand or as a scheduled task (rather than as a background service that runs real-time at an interval). Options for file/folder filters (include/exclude) (already present), what to do in case of file collisions (use newest file, use oldest file, use source file, use destination file, skip, prompt, etc.). Rather than just a backup, this would be a way to keep certain files/folders etc. synchronized between two PCs (or just separate folders, etc.). Synchronize/Backup functions like 2BrightSparks SyncBack has would be great to have in a program that can also do complete hard drive image backups.

  2. Mountable Backup Image Files:
    A way to mount/unmount backup image files would be a nice feature, or possibly use an existing image file format as an option that already has this function available. This would provide a simple way to browse through an image file using Windows Explorer and retrieve files/folders without running a restore. This feature would probably be the most useful for complete hard drive image backups.

  3. Bare Metal Backup/Restore:
    Others have already requested some form of this feature. Yes, there is other software out there that can do this, but most are limited or very restricted in use (license per PC, bootable CD can only be used for Restore, NTFS only, etc.) or lack certain necessary features. Yes, there are Linux Live CDs for bare metal backup/restore (Clonezilla, PING, G4U, G4L, FOG, etc.), but there are issues with each (image size, compression, non-mountable image files, GPT support, network only, etc.). Support for any filesystem and GPT partitions is needed for it to be able to backup/restore any PC regardless of the Operating System installed. A bootable CD that can be downloaded (ISO file) and can run all of the features of Comodo Backup without installing anything or having the Operating System booted would be the best method. Including the install files on the CD would also be a good idea, so those that want bare metal backup/restore can do just one download and have an installable version also. Since backups can already be split and compressed, this would allow saving a complete image of a PC to CD/DVD/External Hard Drive etc. for complete bare metal disaster recovery. I understand this can probably be done already using BartPE or WinPE, but both require the user to create them (due to license issues I believe). A better solution would be using a Live Linux CD for this purpose, which would provide the necessary filesystem, network, CD/DVD, USB and other necessary drivers. It would also make it more cross-platform.

  4. Alternate Backup Image Formats:
    As mentioned above, an image format that is already an open standard would be a nice option.


Thanks for the feedback. We will consider all your input.
You can check out the new Comodo BackUp 3.0 BETA: