Comodo Backup fails at backup no.200

Dear comodo forum members,
Not to make the GeekBuddy and the support team smaller or let them down, but the GeekBuddy and the support teams are not the best one i have contacted.
But let go on.
I hop you can help me with this problem
I have a backup operation planned everytime i boot up my computer, and since a week of 3, comodo backup fails at the same backup with snapshot no.200.
What can be issue i’m getting here?
The log from the comodo backup window:

16.11.2013 13:52:19 Requesting connection credentials for #PRIVATE NETWORK LOCATION# 
	16.11.2013 13:52:20 Running scheduled backup C: to Network Location
	16.11.2013 13:52:20 Creating New Backup...
	16.11.2013 13:53:03 Checking if file #PRIVATE INFORMATION#.cbu can be used as backup base.
	16.11.2013 13:53:04 Using as base #PRIVATE INFORMATION#.cbu (snapshot no 200).
	16.11.2013 13:53:04 Opening backup file #PRIVATE INFORMATION#.cbu (snapshot 200)
	16.11.2013 13:53:05 Determining base cbu information...

It stays at the last message for over 6 to 7 hours without any change.
I have more then enough space on that device to backup my pc to it.

Can somebody please solve this issue with me?
Thank you very much in advance!

Hello Tim,

I’m a new Comodo customer, working out the workings of Comodo Backup, and who is also not impressed with the quality of “Geek Buddy”. I have found this forum very useful e.g. by introducing me to a primary troubleshooting tool called dbginfo - that should be of help to you…

On my Windows 7 OS, running the current CB, I searched for dbginfo.bat, leaving the resulting MS Explorer window up, and…

Reproduce the CB problem situation, noting the time to the minute.

Right-click on dbginfo; “Run As Administrator”:
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Backup\dbginfo.bat

This produces a compressed archive of the following format:

Run the archive, bringing up the CB interface for selecting a folder to extract the archive to.

Sort the resulting log files by modification date, and review their contents by the date/time-frame of interest.


Hello eric,
Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ll try it tomorrow!


In this case, it seems like the backup process freezes. We need a dump file when this issue happens again (you should wait at least 15 minutes after backup process gets to “Determining base cbu information…” line). You can send me a private message if you don’t want the dump information posted here.


Thanks eric for this tip!
I fetched the following results from the CBU.exe.log file:

Error codes: (From the microsoft system error codes list)
RunSpecificProfileBackup gives the error callback 62=Space to store the file waiting to be printed is not available on the server.
WnetOpenEnum in BrowseNetwork error 1222=The network is not present or not started.

The log from the beginning of the backup process:

[25.11.2013 14:42:40:914|Th00000ec8|LN012664|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] COMODO Backup
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:916|Th00000ec8|LN012671|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] 64bit
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:919|Th00000ec8|LN012687|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] 7
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:920|Th00000ec8|LN012714|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] UAC is enabled.
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:923|Th00000ec8|LN012720|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] Command line: "C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe" 
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:924|Th00000ec8|LN002947|CBUScriptParser::DoesParameterExists] Not initialized
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:926|Th00000ec8|LN000913|_COS_CLIENT_OPERATION_CONTROLLER::RegisterAsCOSClient] COSService is not running
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:928|Th00000ec8|LN012741|InitInstanceRegisterAsCosClient] Failed to register COS Client application to COS Service.
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:929|Th00000ec8|LN000027|CheckForNewLangFiles] Unable to open registry key in CheckForNewLangFiles.
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:946|Th00000ec8|LN002947|CBUScriptParser::DoesParameterExists] Not initialized
[25.11.2013 14:42:40:948|Th00000ec8|LN012879|CGUIApp::InitInstance] CGUIApp::InitInstance: HandleShellExt failed with error 5 
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:854|Th00001b84|LN001899|PerformDiagnostics] #> COMODO Backup
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:855|Th00001b84|LN001901|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking if restart is needed...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:856|Th00001b84|LN001926|PerformDiagnostics] #> No restart needed... OK!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:857|Th00001b84|LN001935|PerformDiagnostics] #> Verifying your windows version...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:858|Th00001b84|LN001957|PerformDiagnostics] #> 64bit...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:859|Th00001b84|LN002017|PerformDiagnostics] #> Windows 7
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:861|Th00001b84|LN002029|PerformDiagnostics] #> Windows version check OK!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:862|Th00001b84|LN002038|PerformDiagnostics] #> UAC is enabled!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:863|Th00001b84|LN002047|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking if Synchronization service is running...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:864|Th00001b84|LN002055|PerformDiagnostics] #> Synchronization service is running!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:866|Th00001b84|LN002089|PerformDiagnostics] #> Cos service is not running!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:867|Th00001b84|LN002170|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking CBU.exe integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:913|Th00001b84|LN002225|PerformDiagnostics] #> CBU.exe is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:914|Th00001b84|LN002237|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:916|Th00001b84|LN002170|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking CSE.exe integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:933|Th00001b84|LN002225|PerformDiagnostics] #> CSE.exe is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:934|Th00001b84|LN002237|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:935|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking vss_xp.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:938|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> vss_xp.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:939|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:940|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking vss_vista.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:943|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> vss_vista.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:945|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:946|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking vss_s2003.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:949|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> vss_s2003.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:950|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:952|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking COSService.exe integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:966|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> COSService.exe is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:967|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:968|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking SynchronizationService.exe integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:978|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> SynchronizationService.exe is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:980|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:46:981|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking ShellExtension.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:006|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> ShellExtension.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:007|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:008|Th00001b84|LN002497|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking cbvd.sys integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:013|Th00001b84|LN002556|PerformDiagnostics] #> cbvd.sys is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:014|Th00001b84|LN002568|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:015|Th00001b84|LN002594|PerformDiagnostics] #> cbvd.sys driver functionality will not be checked because you are running under limited privileges.
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:017|Th00001b84|LN002497|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking cbreparse.sys integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:022|Th00001b84|LN002556|PerformDiagnostics] #> cbreparse.sys is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:023|Th00001b84|LN002568|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:024|Th00001b84|LN002617|PerformDiagnostics] #> CBReparse.sys driver functionality will not be checked because you are running under limited privileges.
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:026|Th00001b84|LN002497|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking cbufs.sys integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:029|Th00001b84|LN002556|PerformDiagnostics] #> cbufs.sys is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:030|Th00001b84|LN002568|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:031|Th00001b84|LN002625|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking if cbufs.sys is working properly...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:033|Th00001b84|LN002635|PerformDiagnostics] #> cbufs.sys is working properly!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:034|Th00001b84|LN002497|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking bdisk.sys integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:037|Th00001b84|LN002556|PerformDiagnostics] #> bdisk.sys is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:038|Th00001b84|LN002568|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:040|Th00001b84|LN002656|PerformDiagnostics] #> BDisk.sys driver functionality will not be checked because you are running under limited privileges.
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:041|Th00001b84|LN002170|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking cbunat.exe integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:046|Th00001b84|LN002225|PerformDiagnostics] #> cbunat.exe is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:048|Th00001b84|LN002237|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:049|Th00001b84|LN002497|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking vdbus.sys integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:054|Th00001b84|LN002556|PerformDiagnostics] #> vdbus.sys is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:056|Th00001b84|LN002568|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:057|Th00001b84|LN002676|PerformDiagnostics] #> cbvdbus.sys driver functionality will not be checked because you are running under limited privileges.
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:058|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking feedback.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:063|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> feedback.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:065|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:066|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking cos-core-lib.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:082|Th00001b84|LN002392|PerformDiagnostics] #> cos-core-lib.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:083|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:084|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:088|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:089|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:090|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_CHI.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:094|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_CHI.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:095|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:096|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_CZE.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:099|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_CZE.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:101|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:102|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_DE.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:105|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_DE.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:107|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:108|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_DU.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:111|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_DU.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:113|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:114|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_ESP.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:117|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_ESP.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:119|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:120|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_EST.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:123|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_EST.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:124|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:125|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_FIN.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:129|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_FIN.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:130|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:131|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_FRA.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:135|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_FRA.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:136|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:137|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_HUN.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:141|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_HUN.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:142|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:143|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_ITA.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:147|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_ITA.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:149|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:150|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_JAP.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:153|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_JAP.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:154|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:155|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_KOR.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:159|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_KOR.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:160|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:162|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_POL.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:165|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_POL.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:166|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:167|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_POR.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:171|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_POR.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:172|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:173|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_RO.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:177|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_RO.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:179|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:180|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_RU.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:183|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_RU.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:185|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:186|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_SLO.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:190|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_SLO.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:191|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:192|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_SWE.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:196|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_SWE.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:196|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:198|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking GUILANG_TUR.dll integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:202|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> GUILANG_TUR.dll is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:203|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:205|Th00001b84|LN002330|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking ProxyDetector.exe integrity...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:208|Th00001b84|LN002389|PerformDiagnostics] #> ProxyDetector.exe is ok!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:209|Th00001b84|LN002404|PerformDiagnostics] #> File version is
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:211|Th00001b84|LN002702|PerformDiagnostics] #> Checking windows task scheduler functionality...
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:215|Th00001b84|LN000802|DeleteScheduledTask] Task to be deleted wasn't found!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:317|Th00001b84|LN002781|PerformDiagnostics] #> Windows task scheduler is working OK!
[25.11.2013 14:42:47:318|Th00001b84|LN002786|PerformDiagnostics] #> Diagnostics ran successfully!
[25.11.2013 14:43:06:154|Th00001660|LN016192|_CBU_SCHEDULER_AND_PROFILE_MANAGER::RunSpecificProfileBackup] #> Requesting connection credentials for #NETWORK LOCATION#
[25.11.2013 14:43:07:086|Th00001660|LN011685|_BACKUP_CREATE::StartBackup] #> Running scheduled backup C: to Network Location
[25.11.2013 14:43:07:088|Th00001660|LN001849|PerformFileSystemBackup] #> Creating New Backup...
[25.11.2013 14:43:34:845|Th00001660|LN023310|CreateNewBackup] #> Checking if file #PRIVATE INFO#.cbu can be used as backup base.
[25.11.2013 14:43:35:346|Th00001660|LN023357|CreateNewBackup] #> Using as base #PRIVATE INFO#.cbu (snapshot no 200).
[25.11.2013 14:43:36:168|Th00001660|LN020367|OpenExistingBackup] #> Opening backup file #PRIVATE INFO#.cbu (snapshot 200)
[25.11.2013 14:43:36:979|Th00001660|LN023535|CreateNewBackup] #> Determining base cbu information...
[25.11.2013 14:45:36:773|Th00002138|LN001468|ListenForLoginLogoutThread] Waiting event took longer than 120000 miliseconds.

Is it maybe because the COS Service isn’t running?

Thanks in advance,
PS Emanuel. I’ll try to upload the dump file asap!

The dump file was to big to upload sorry
how can i analyze the dump file myself?


Try compressing the file into an archive using 7zip or winrar.

Aahh thanks for the tip!
I’ll try it!!

EDIT: The file is currently uploading

Here are the compressed and uploaded files. [url=[/url]
It is password protected and i’ve send Emanuel the password trough the PM in the forum.

Thanks in advance for analyzing the dump file!
I hope i created the correct file!

Tim Koers

Dear users,

I was trying to figure out if the failure of the backup maybe the backup settings, i figured out it wasn’t
What i did figure out was that if i create a new parent backup base. The backup starts fine, and it goes further than the “original” backup to the main base.
Is there a possibility that my CBU file is corrupt?
If yes, how can i repair it or extract it? It won’t mount right now (extracting is very hard for me, because i haven’t got 250GB of free space somewere)

This CBU base contains very important data so i need to do everything that is possible to save it.

EDIT: When i run the Comodo Backup without admin rights i get the error code 24

Thanks in advance for all the help,

Hi Tim,

The backup contains a large number of files which require a large amount of memory. The dump file I have from you has 4.98GB, which means that CB was consuming a lot of memory to process the backup. This is the probable cause of the backup failure.

You can use selective restore in restore step 2, to restore the files you need.

I need some more information:
What error do you get when you try to mount the backup ?
How many files are in backup ? (I need an approximate number)


Hi Emanuel,
I think that there are about 1 million (with 6 zero’s) files at the max number in the backup.
The error i get is this error:

Cannot open selected backup file! (From the context menu)

[10.12.2013 11:13:10:478|Th00001428|LN012664|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] COMODO Backup
[10.12.2013 11:13:10:480|Th00001428|LN012671|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] 64bit
[10.12.2013 11:13:10:481|Th00001428|LN012687|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] 7
[10.12.2013 11:13:10:485|Th00001428|LN012709|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] Started with admin privileges..
[10.12.2013 11:13:10:486|Th00001428|LN012720|InitInstanceCollectDebugInfo] Command line: "C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe" /ShellMount \\Home\data\Backups\TheBeast.cbu
[10.12.2013 11:13:10:487|Th00001428|LN002027|_COS_CLIENT_OPERATION_CONTROLLER::__internStopRespNotificatorTH] Response notificator thread already stopped.
[10.12.2013 11:13:10:494|Th00001428|LN000027|CheckForNewLangFiles] Unable to open registry key in CheckForNewLangFiles.
[10.12.2013 11:13:10:499|Th00001384|LN012450|ShowWaitDialogTH] ShowWaitDialogTH : DoModal call succeded.
[10.12.2013 11:13:38:264|Th00001428|LN004781|CBUGetMappedNetworkDrivesLettersFromWMI] CoInitializeSecurity failed with hresult: 80010119
[10.12.2013 11:13:39:268|Th00001428|LN000085|FormatDeviceCallback] Formatting device completed successfully.
[10.12.2013 11:13:39:269|Th00001428|LN001009|FormatDriveNtfs] FormatDriveNtfs----deviceName is Z:\
[10.12.2013 11:13:39:269|Th00001428|LN001018|FormatDriveNtfs] FormatDriveNtfs before GetVolumeInformationW volumeName is Z:\
[10.12.2013 11:13:39:270|Th00001428|LN001572|MountCbuFileSystemAsVirtualDrive] FilterLoad failed with HRESULT -2147023840 
[10.12.2013 11:14:07:636|Th00001428|LN001115|SendMountInfoToReparseDriver] SendMountInfoToReparseDriver![b]DeviceIoControl failed with error: 31 [/b]
[10.12.2013 11:14:07:639|Th00001428|LN001627|MountCbuFileSystemAsVirtualDrive] SendMountInfoToReparseDriver failed with status: 100031 
[10.12.2013 11:14:07:680|Th00001428|LN015515|OnClickMount] MountCbuFileSystemAsVirtualDrive failed with status: 100031
[10.12.2013 11:14:07:732|Th00001384|LN012452|ShowWaitDialogTH] ShowWaitDialogTH : DoModal ended succeded.
[10.12.2013 11:14:07:734|Th00001428|LN012536|HandleShellExt] HandleShellExt: OnClickMount failed with error 100031 
[10.12.2013 11:14:33:430|Th00001428|LN012879|CGUIApp::InitInstance] CGUIApp::InitInstance: HandleShellExt failed with error 100031 
[10.12.2013 11:14:33:498|Th00001428|LN002027|_COS_CLIENT_OPERATION_CONTROLLER::__internStopRespNotificatorTH] Response notificator thread already stopped.

(From the Comodo Backup application log when trying to recover from the application it self)
There is no error code here, but if i remember it right, i got the error code 26.

And it takes an insane amount of time to load the information.

Thanks for the help,
Tim Koers

All errors seem to be caused by Comodo Backup consuming too much memory when backing up many files (millions).

You can use selective restore to restore specific files in CB Restore step 2 or you can try to mount the backup from another machine with more RAM.


How do i perform a selective restore task?

Go to “Restore” TAB in Comodo Backup, select the backup you want to restore and click next. It will probably take a while until backup is loaded, then select the files you want to restore.

Attached is a screenshot.


[attachment deleted by admin]

The error log is from that operation, sorry forgot to mention :slight_smile:
It is taking a very long time to load the information, i think the last try it took about 2 or 4 hours to load it.

That’s a bit to long for me sorry.

Is there a way to delete some files in the backup itself?
I think there are a lot usused/old files in the backup.

Tim Koers

Sorry but it seems that the error log is from mount operation, not from restore step 2:

[10.12.2013 11:13:39:270|Th00001428|LN001572|MountCbuFileSystemAsVirtualDrive] FilterLoad failed with HRESULT -2147023840
[10.12.2013 11:14:07:636|Th00001428|LN001115|SendMountInfoToReparseDriver] SendMountInfoToReparseDriver!DeviceIoControl failed with error: 31

No, the only way is to restore all or some of the files and backup only those that are really needed.


Yes that’s right the mounting fails, and i can’t restore it at all :-\

Did you try to go to restore step 2?

Mounting a backup is one thing and restoring it is another.
I need the logs from restore step 2.

The restoring works fine!
No errors at all
I think i’m going to copy this base to a safe location and start up a new cbu base.
How do i know if this backup error doesn’t come back again after a while?

Thanks in advance,