Comodo Backup failed - Computer will not boot from C: Drive

Hello. I was merrily installing free Comodo applications on my HP Mini 110 Netbook when the installation of Comodo Backup failed, and now my computer will not boot from the hard disk. (There is no CD to boot from and it does not boot from USB so I guess I will have to pull the hard drive.)

Windows Home SP 3 fully udated. Running Comodo firewall, av, time machine … actually almost all the free apps.

Comodo Backup install froze, I rebooted, machine would not boot. Tried safe mode, would not boot, logging mode froze, eventually chkdsk was launched, seemed to complete but now machine will not even respond to F5 or F8.

All it does is try to get to the C: drive (I can see the access light on) and then freeze. That’s it. I am running a BIOS hard drive scan now.

Last time I had it trying to boot in safe mode it had gotten stuck on this file: ctmmount.sys. The file loaded just before that was ctmshd.sys.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?




It probably stopped when a driver (.sys) file was installed.
You said the machine will not respond to F5 or F8, how did you get it to safe mode?