Comodo BackUp Error Codes

I’m getting error code 64 and I google won’t help me. I’m running verion

Error 64 means that a file or folder is in use.

Please close ALL applications and data files before backing up or restoring.

Let us know if this helps.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I found out what the problem was and it didn’t have anything to do with network locations (as indicated in the logs).

Comodo Backup uses the FIRST Outlook profile in the current users registry hive. If a new profile is created and placed above the standard Outlook profile, Comodo Backup will fail.

I had recently installed EZOutlook Android sync ( For reasons best known to itself, it creates an additional Outlook profile called EZOS in the currrent users registry hive. This new profile is located ABOVE the standard OUTLOOK profile.

I used CTM2.9 to take a snapshot and then moved the EZOS profile to BELOW the OUTLOOK profile and was then able to use Comodo Backup successfully. EZ Outlook Android sync still works after the registry shuffling.

Hope this helps someone else,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello does anyone know something about error code 180? I did not find any mention of it anywhere.
Here is the Comodo log:
05.12.2013 15:24:01 An error occurred during backup
05.12.2013 15:24:01 Backup failed with code 180 (Item skipped).


Please collect the debug logs for error 180.


Dear Comodo users, I just installed Comodo in my Windows 7 computer and I wanted to backup a large data set (ca. 350 Gb) in an external disk under the simple copy option. I got a error message 180 (please se the log file attached) almost in the end of the backup running :(. Anyone could help me please?

22.01.2015 23:11:30 An error occurred during backup
22.01.2015 23:11:30 Processed 326 GB (12.6 MB/s)
22.01.2015 23:11:31 Backup failed with code 180 (Item skipped).

Thank you!

I have the same error code 180 message, also doing a simple copy full backup. My error occurred on the very last folder in my backup and it happens that that folder is empty. I wonder if the fact that the folder contained no files to backup caused the error.

Comodo Backup did create a file in the previously empty folder. That file is named ComodoBackupSimpleCopyBackupMetadata.bin .

So what does error code 180 mean? The description given along with the backup code is quite disconcerting – “Backup failed with code 180”. Despite this description the files all seem to be backed up.

Come on, Please post a COMPLETE list of error codes. I am trying to get it running with a script file and I am getting all sorts of error messages. They should be documented !!!

How about 63?