Comodo backup DVD error

I’m using Comodo backup version 1.0.10 and it does’nt see my DVD (BTC) XP
I want use only DVD destination.


I have the same problem.

My PC has Windows XP Professional (5.01.2600 Service Pack 2) and the DVD writer is QSI DVD±RW SDW-082S.

Comodo Backup version does not detect my DVD writer. Wath can I do?


Hello jlsts and felicella

Welcome to the Comodo Forums.

I’m afraid you will have to live with this limitation until the new version is out. We have not heard when this will happen yet either.
As a work around solution to the problem I suggest backing up to a file and then using another application to backup that file to your dvd. I hate to suggest using another backup but for this you may have to.

I have the same problem with my DVD writer and the above works just fine. I still prefer Comodo Backup for the majority of my backup jobs.