Comodo Backup detected as "Trj"

I’m using Comodo BackUp version and 5 files from Comodo and 1 from speedfan have been detected by my avast! anti virus as being a “Trg”. Files are: “CmdBackUp.exe” “cmdbksvc.exe” “speedfan.exe” “trz2f.tmp” “trz30.tmp” “trz31.tmp”.

As soon as this is posted I’ll check with the avast! Forum.

Someone pls help me with this problem

There FP’s from avast.;msg346884#new

??? wtf lol Ive been using avast! 4 over 3 years without a problem hmmmmm maybe I’ll take a look at Comodo anti virus

Problem solved ;D avast! released a update to rectify the false positives.

This ends this topic.