Comodo Backup - Code 57

I recently purchased a new computer and was trying to transfer/restore my information from the old computer using my backup. It looks like the restore worked, but I get the following:
“Finalizing restore process.”
“Error occurred.”
“Recover process failed with code 57.”

More info:
Old computer - Windows XP Home
New computer - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Files: MS Word, Excel, and photos.
Latest version of Comodo Backup

Can anyone tell me what this error is and how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated because it beats going through all the files to verify everything is there.



By latest version you mean Comodo Backup 3.0 BETA or Comodo Backup 2.2?
An error at the end of the restore process might indicate that the data in backup has been altered and the checksum is not ok.


Thank you for responding. I am using Comodo backup 2.2. If there is a problem with the checksum, what is the result of this error? Is it a major issue? Is it something that can be fixed if I erase my backup (the one with the issue), start a new backup on my old computer, then transfer it to my new computer?

Thanks again!

The problem seems to be with the check sum of the backup file.
Please click “Verify” in Restore Step 2 to be sure.
It’s not a major issue since you were able to restore the files.
You can erase the backup, if you don’t need it anymore.

To be sure if there is a problem with Comodo BackUp or with the transfer try to recreate the backup, transfer it to your computer and verify it.


I ran the Verify on the Restore tab and it came back with Backup file corrupted. I created a new backup and it seemed to finish without any issues (no error messages popped up). I ran Verify on the new backup file and it also resulted in corrupted backup file. I did not actually try to do a restore from the new backup file.

Comodo Backup Settings:
Files and Directories backup
-Word docs
~15 GB for backup
80+ GB free space on external hard drive
Other settings left on default

Thanks for your help!


Please try to reproduce the problem and create a smaller cbu file (not larger than a few kilobytes).
Post the cbu file here for analysis.