Comodo Backup Appears NOT to work when PC is in Standby mode.

Generally, CB handles scheduled backups OK. It’s hard to tell sometimes because I have the backup compressed. Even when I schedule “full backup”, there are days in which the backup zip files shows no activity.

My real question in this post concerns the fact that I’ve tried to schedule backups during times where the PC is in Standby, but the program does not respond. Is this a characteristic of the program, or do I need to tweak some settings.


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This is a new one on me, I guess because I don’t use standby. Hopefully we will get someone on the forum that has come across this issue and has a solution.


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Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily Comodo Backup that’s causing the issue. Microsoft have reported that backup software is particularly prone to rendered unresponsive by Standby or Hibernate modes.

Some applications do not respond well if you put the computer in hibernation or on standby when these applications are running. Applications such as CD and DVD burning software and system backup utilities may run incorrectly if hibernation or standby is forced. CD and DVD media may become unusable. Backup data may become corrupted. Always wait until these applications have completed their data gathering and recording tasks before you put the computer in hibernation or on standby.

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