Comodo Backup crashes on backup


I’m trying to use Comodo Backup to run a one-way sync to my Comodo Cloud. I’m using Windows 8.1. I can create the backup profile fine, but every time I try to run it, it crashes. It connects to my cloud account and collects information from the source folder but then reports that it has skipped the destination folder on the cloud and immediately crashes. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this, please? I’d be very grateful for any help.

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Please update to latest version


I recently am experiencing the same problem too with crashing. I have setup a profile to backup a mapped network drive to a local drive using the One-Way sync option. I have also set it to reoccur every night. As soon as it runs, the program crashes and the backup log states that the folder was skipped as it found 0 B of data. I have Comodo Backup I want to make this type of backup/syncing work, but can’t seem to keep the program from crashing. :cry:

Any help???

I’m having the same exact problem with 4.3.8.

I’m having the same problem with

Backing up from Win 7 (external drive) to ‘Western Digital My Cloud’ NAS device using ‘One Way Sync’ causes Comodo to crash.


ON EVERY COMPUTERS (tested under more than 12 PC under w 8.1 64 bits and 32 bits) COMODO BACK UP (latest version) crashes

It works if I choose cbu file format

It crashes ig I use one way sync format

thanks for any help

I found this topic when testing Comodo, as I had the same problem when trying to back up a local folder to WD My Cloud network drive. Even as I am using the latest version (4.4.1). Comodo Backup just crashes when trying to sync to network drive (this only happens when trying to sync (one way or two way sync), normal backup goes without problems).

However, I found a solution to this problem: If you want to sync a folder from your desktop to network drive, you have to first create the same folder manually to the network drive.

Let’s say you want to back up D:\Music folder from your desktop computer to \WDMYCLOUD\Backup -share on your network. First you have to create a new folder using windows explorer, under your share, and rename that folder to “Music”. Now you choose a new backup in Comodo Backup with type set as One Way Sync, select D:\Music -folder as source and Network → \WDMYCLOUD\Backup as destination (don’t select the Music folder you just created, but the parent folder where the Music folder is).

Now you can sync to network drive without Comodo Backup crashing :slight_smile:

Note that you only have to manually create the main (parent) folder that you are syncing, all subfolders inside are created automatically to the network drive when syncing (luckily).

I spent GOD knows how many hours trying to figure out what the problem with this was and this finally fixed it. How can there be a thread with this many people having the same problem due to what is clearly a major bug in the software and not have any developer support? Really not impressed here with the level of forum support from Comodo developers - this bug should be OBVIOUS in source code. Thank you very much Paladine, excellent post.

Thank you for sharing what you have learned.

I take it that COMODO does not really support CBU. If you post something here, chances are that it will never see a reply, let alone a solution. Only other users are reading this forum. Now we have to take it upon ourselves to help each other.
I have created multiple tickets pointing out problems and/or asking “How To” questions. The only reply that I get is something like “We have confirmed that there is a problem and have referred it to Development. It will (That is a strong word for them to use) be fixed in the next release, but we don’t know when the next release will be.”
It is a canned message and I don’t like it.
It would be more helpful if they wrote something like: We think we understand your problem. When we tried to duplicate it here and [this is what happened]. We have consulted with the Development management and believe that this bug will be fixed in Release (Target something), which should be released in the Fall of 2199, or when Hell freezes over.
At least that confirms that they know what you are talking about and gives a glimmer of (probably false) hope.

I can’t even get an answer sometimes from them about “do I have these parameters right?”, or What does CODE 13 mean?

Please post some of your successes to this Forum, so that it will help other new users.

(not a volunteer, not an employee, just a user)


I started using Comodo recently and found that I was not able to establish a Two-Way Sync backup between source and my external harddrive. I managed to resolve this (partially, anyway) by following Paladine’s instructions - thank you Paladine. That is, when I followed the instructions, I succeeded in getting the selected information onto the external harddrive once, but every time that I have run the Two-Way Sync backup (as a Profile) since then, Comodo crashes. The home window of the application indicates that it is up to date so that does not appear to be an issue.

I am wondering if anyone has learned any more about this (type of) problem and if so, whether they would be willing to advise. Any help would be much appreciated.