Comodo Backup 4.1.3 by command line

I need to use your backup software by command line. I am currently using version but the sync does not work.
In fact if i use external scripts (CBU.exe / script ) command to synchronize with the / syncSimpleCopy, i get the following message “Only one item (folder) can be synchronized at a time”, but as /source i gave a single path, I’m sure.
/simpleCopy e /simpleCopyToZip instead they seem to work but they are not useful to me.
The content of my file.csb is as follows:

/backup_operation /type filesandfolders /source "C:\Data" /syncsimplecopy /compressionlevel low /destinationtype destinationtypediskfile /destinationpath "e:\Backup" /backup_type full /diskusage high /processorusage normal

Can you kindly help me?