Comodo Backup 4.1.2

At the moment I am using CB 3.0. which I like.
However I now see that Version 4.1 has been released. My question is will version 4.1 download over vers 3.0. When I tried the Beta earlier it did not and further backed up everything on my comp. This included the Data (D:) drive. What I just want to do is to backup Doc’s Photo’s Vid’s and Music from my system Drive (C:) to my Data drive and to a USB, as I do now.
Hope the above makes sense as I am fairly new at this
Thanks in advance

Did try downloading 4.1 had a quick look around far as I can see there is no backwards compatibility also I could not find the mount button as exists in vers. 3.0
For the moment reversed comp with image backup but am slightly concerned with what might happen when I change computers !!!