Comodo backup 4.0 crash on startup


I’ve been using comodo 3.0 for a little while now and the program alerted me about a newer version.
After I installed it (into a different folder), it won’t run.
It gives an appcrash right away. Even after another reboot, it still won’t run, at all.

Also, why is Comodo 3.0 being removed? Now I have to re-install that and put all my settings and schedules back… not very user friendly >:(
(I want to run both versions, to see which one was better and more stable… figures version 3 is that…)

System: Windows 7,x64
File system: NTFS
Backup location: NAS (Synology)
UAC = off

Picture of the crash


An update with a fix will be available by the end of this week.


Thanks for the reply.

Is there a way to install both version 3 and 4 on the same pc?
I don’t want to re-install version 3 again, in case version 4 keeps crashing.

Thank you.

No, but you can delete the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\History” registry key.
It looks like this is the cause of your crash.


Can I somehow export my backup settings?
A full backup takes 5-6 hours and I wanted to use the “differential” setting.

Will try to remove that reg key.

Why do you need to export the settings?
Deleting the History key will not affect the schedules, profiles or other settings you made.


Because after I installed version 4 (which crashed) and went back to version 3, all my settings were gone.
I just fear the same happens when I try upgrading to version 4.

You can export the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\ScheduleList and the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\Settings
registry keys.
These store all the profiles, schedules and settings you made.
Upgrading to v4 version should automatically keep all schedules and profiles you have defined in v3.


Alright, will do that.
Thanks for the help.

Will reply back if this worked.

Removing the history reg key did do the trick.
However, the program also notifies me of some problem with installation.
When I check CB diagnostics report I see

  • cbvd.sys IS DAMAGED!
    cbreparse.sys IS DAMAGED!
    cbufs.sys IS DAMAGED!
    bdisk.sys IS DAMAGED!
    vdbus.sys IS DAMAGED!

Are those Comodo sys files, or from windows?

Also attached the file

[attachment deleted by admin]

First check if CBU.exe isn’t set to run in compatibility mode with other Windows (right click → Properties → Compatibility).
If this is not the cause of the issue, try to reinstall the latest version (4.0.7)